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Hello and thanks for reading. I am 38 years old and I have a vast range of interests that I like to do in my free time. I like video games that are of the simulation and action type games. Although I do like shooting games and role play as when playing as a charactar, you have to put yourself in the charactars place to enjoy the storyline more I think. I also like Travel, Photography, Making Videos, Railways, Aviation, Road Transport as well as Movies, Music and Driving.

I like to make mods for some games and I have released some scenarios for Train Simulator with plans to make a realistic mod for Euro Truck Simulator at some point. Whilst I am not going to spill the beans right now, all will become clear soon enough.

At some point, I have plans to own and preserve a Dennis Trident Alexander ALX400 former London Bus as these buses are my favourite and used to run on my local route 94 between Piccadilly Circus and Acton Green. Personally I like them better than the first generation Enviro 400 buses. Once I own the bus, I will post a blog on its restoration. Another ambition in the next 5 years is to run my own bus company somewhere in the UK to give something back to my community.

Some Useful Advice
A side note to anyone that wishes to add me as a friend. I am generally a laid back friendly person and I will chat to you if I am not busy doing other things as I use my PC for chores as well as play. But recently I have had some people asking me to send them money or buy them games.

I cannot and WILL NOT do this because I am not rich and although I may go on a game buying binge in the mega Steam sales at certain times of the year. I budget for everything and anyone that asks me to send them money or buy them games will be removed and/or permanently blocked from contacting me.

Also I do NOT and NEVER WILL use voice chat either, so please do not attempt to voice call me as I will reject the call because I simply do not use it :steamhappy:.

I am friendly and polite but I am not a pushover. Please note that I do not accept invites from those that haven't completed their profile or bothered to do so. If I can make the effort to complete mine, so can those that send me an invite. As I like to know who I am talking to :).

Thanks for understanding.
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