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WuazZa' ツ 16 de jan às 10:03 
add to trade
Mrdaica 5 de jan às 6:52 
-rep pise mi bzvz -rep
Laditude 28/nov/2018 às 7:06 
I'll let you say whatever you want if you go through the match replay with me. Perhaps we could be constructive and point out each others mistakes. If you don't want to do that, then perhaps stop being spamming and claiming to carry until you can prove it ;)
Soul_l3sS.TV 20/ago/2018 às 17:01 
Boostet Boy in Rocket Leage
ZORGI eLiteGaming 18/fev/2018 às 3:08 
+rep nice RL player
Sp3c1al K ॐ #Smurf 30/mar/2017 às 17:10 
glad to know you´re good now that you recovered from ur methamphetamine addiction, nice to see u carl.