I like me some shiny stuff, if you have shiny stuff I will take the shiny stuff. If you want to discuss something with me please add me here/on discord Clone_Two#0002

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Open to all sorts of offers/deals. Feel free to add me here on steam or discord to discuss.

MvM Drops
Tour 001: Australium Axtinguisher
Tour 006: Australium Rocket Launcher
Tour 039: Australium Ambassador

Currently on tour no. 40
(two ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ofc)

Expensive/Unusual Unboxes:
Unbox #145: Blighted Snowstorm A Hat to Kill For
Unbox #149: Steaming Blast Defense
Unbox #151: Yeti Punch Unusualifier
Unbox #209: Texas Truckin' Unusualifier
Unbox #273: Green Energy Airdog
Unbox #279: Dead Head
Unbox #429: Restless Wraiths Chill Chullo
Unbox #476: Restless Wraiths Berlin Brain Bowl
Unbox #500: Cavalier de Carte Taunt: Time Out Therapy
Unbox #545: Restless Wraiths Airdog
Unbox #581: Wispy Halos Taunt: Scorcher's Solo
Unbox #837: Disco Beat Down Gauzed Gaze
Unbox #861: Results Are In Unusualifier
Unbox #886: Yeti Punch Unusualifier
Unbox #908: Fist Bump Unusualifier
Unbox #916: Cloud 9 Twisted Topper
Unbox #1057: Drunken Sailor Unusualifier
Unbox #1061: Surgeon's Squeezebox Unusualifier
Unbox #1145: Fist Bump Unusualifier
Unbox #1226: Isotope Well-Worn Sunriser Crusader's Crossbow
Unbox #1246: Blazed Brew Taunt: The Meet the Medic

Currently at unbox number: 1257
Longest unusual dry streak: 255 unboxes
Current unusual dry streak: 11 unboxes

Unusual hat unbox count: 8
Unusual taunt unbox count: 11
Unusual skin unbox count: 1

Most if not all unboxes prior to #145 were crate unboxes, and as such had nothing of interest to write down with the exception of some rarer items and unusuals which I never got.

Other Unboxing Highlights, usually negative:
#338-#359: Oh I got spurs that jingle jangle jingle
#541-#560: Lucky #7 Joe's Page #7 Luck
#581-#600: The Mayflower Blues
#732-#774: End of the Line, luck. there's nowhere else you can go.
#1002-1021: Nothing good killstreak

I started these highlights from unbox #338, so that's why I don't have anything to show from before that.

#1: Input Output
#2: Input Output

Total Trade-Ups: 2
Strange Towering Pile of Presents Count: 2

Other Random Bits of Information
Other Milestones/Rare Items Obtained:
- 1000 hours of TF2 - Reached 16/10/2021
- Level 100 Casual - Reached 17/10/2021
Ok why did it take me almost 10 years to reach this...

Random QnA
Q: Who are you?
A: I'm clone... the second, actually. I used to go by some other names but that is irrelevant now. I like playing games and trading shiny hats if you couldn't already tell. If you want to chat or anything feel free to add me in wherever you find me. I don't really care.

Q: Who do you main?
A: Mostly Soldier and Heavy depending on what the team needs. occasionally Pyro or Demo if I want to switch things up. I've also been known to play another class fairly often, I wonder what that class might be.

Q: What got you into TF2?
A: Idk, prob those weird ass gmod skits and/or high quality sfm animations. Played a handful from 2011-2013, 2015-2016, then 2020-now. Who would've known I'd still be playing this game long after everyone I knew back then stopped playing. sad

Q: Are your items for sale?
A: They're all up for grabs if you don't mind overpaying a bunch and prove you really want it/don't want to resell for profit. There's a few exceptions to this but just ask me/send me an offer and I'll let you know if I like it

Q: Who made your pfp/artwork?
A: Jem did the majority of them while the skull was done by Tim White , great work both of them. Go check 'em out

Q: What happened to the collection?
A: Stuff, not really going to go back for them. For now at least...

Q: What other games do you play?
A: I like me my Shooters and RPGs. Kinda in a Puzzle spree atm though since they don't need much time commitment and they get the brain turning.

Q: How's life?
A: I don't know, nor do I think I've ever known, and maybe I don't want to know. Kinda just drifting to wherever it takes me. Worked for me until now, but I feel the time for me to take control is coming soon.

Q: When will you fill the rest of this in?
A: idk I'm a lazy ♥♥♥♥♥ don't tell me what to do

Go check out my trash music taste:
Updated every month or whenever spotify decides to give me good songs for once.

Q: What songs will I expect there?
A: A weird mix of rock/metal with the occasional rap/pop here and there. Basically anything constant and upbeat with big impacts. Oh and a lot of Area 11.

"Time has come for our journey's end
We arrived so young but we leave as men
When the time has come and we all are dead
In the wind the words will spread away"
-Hero's Journey
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Unbox #837: Disco Beat Down Gauzed Gaze
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Saints Row IV
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Area 11 Modern Synthesis background, although the regular mod-synth thingy is replaced with the older ATLITS eye because I think it works better here
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Remember when you could talk about s****g on steam?

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