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Do not have a PC I got a Potato
Beli28 Jan 20 @ 7:11am 
133.1 iz dana u dan si bolji sve cestitke
Beli28 Jan 18 @ 10:34am 
126 sati si na steamu ovo ti je rekord
King Akul II Jun 11, 2019 @ 4:53am 
tgu ` Jun 10, 2019 @ 10:10am 
He suck zoricas ♥♥♥♥ just to pass ♥♥♥♥ing year
Shoearm Jun 5, 2019 @ 3:46pm 
+rep remember playing with this guy in unturned 3 - 4 years ago, he was awesome and i never added rep to him cus i was new to steam, other than that, my favourite buddy!
Yarr May 11, 2019 @ 7:26am 
Happy new year man!!!