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Arcane Lord

Reach Level 30 with an Arcanist
Unlocked Nov 8 @ 5:32am

Weapon of Legend

Reach Level 30 with a Weapon
Unlocked Nov 10 @ 3:53pm


Temper a Weapon 1 Time
Unlocked Oct 30 @ 6:27pm

Temper Tantrum

Fully Temper a Weapon
Unlocked Nov 4 @ 10:05pm

Living Weapon

Affinity Boost a Weapon 1 time
Unlocked Nov 3 @ 3:34am

Testing your Limits

Spend an Affinity Point
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 7:40pm


Spend 30 Affinity Points
Unlocked Nov 8 @ 5:37am

Touched by Greed

Aquire 100k Gold
Unlocked Nov 5 @ 1:13pm

Aurelian Lost

Complete Codex Halls Expedition
Unlocked Oct 30 @ 1:41pm

After the Fall

Complete the Main Story Quest: 'Eyes to See'
Unlocked Oct 30 @ 2:53pm

Bad Omens

Complete the Main Story Quest: 'Bad Omens'
Unlocked Nov 5 @ 11:42am

Hunting the Hunter

Complete the Huntmaster's Questline: 'Scavenger Hunt'
Unlocked Nov 9 @ 6:38am

Swan Song

Complete Kestrel's Questline: 'The Final Score'
Unlocked Nov 4 @ 7:35pm

Kindling Light

Light all Highlands Signal Fires
Unlocked Nov 4 @ 7:34pm


Discover 25 landmarks
Unlocked Oct 30 @ 5:48pm

No Place Like Home

Unlock your Apartment
Unlocked Oct 30 @ 3:59pm

Born Anew

Summon a Wayfinder
Unlocked Nov 6 @ 9:12pm

Legendary Arms

Craft a Weapon
Unlocked Nov 3 @ 12:29pm

Champion's Vestige

Craft an Accessory
Unlocked Nov 3 @ 1:13am

Echoes of Power

Perform Echo Fusion 1 time
Unlocked Nov 4 @ 12:26pm

All For One

Perform Echo Fusion 100 times
Unlocked Nov 15 @ 1:11pm

Self Improvement

Upgrade an Ability
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 7:39pm

Manipulating the Gloom

Complete a Mutated run of a Lost Zone
Unlocked Oct 30 @ 3:03pm

Master of the Elements

Complete 50 Mutated runs of a Lost Zone
Unlocked Nov 11 @ 2:29pm

Expeditionary Force

Complete 10 Lost Zones
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 10:58pm

Anchor Slayer

Complete 100 Lost Zones
Unlocked Nov 14 @ 10:03pm

Finding the Path

Complete a Hunt
Unlocked Oct 30 @ 2:49pm

Walking the Path

Complete 50 Hunts
Unlocked Nov 9 @ 6:37am

Martial Discipline

Unlock a Weapon Mastery
Unlocked Oct 30 @ 1:21pm

Echoes of Eternity

Defeat a Heroic Facsimile Boss
Unlocked Nov 15 @ 6:52pm

Seeker of Truth

Complete the Mass Deception Event Without Triggering any Deceivers
Unlocked Nov 5 @ 3:00pm

Beat the House

Win the Max Prize in the Trickster Bar Event
Unlocked Nov 5 @ 4:39pm


Defeat the Talon of Pyre
Unlocked Nov 4 @ 2:52pm

Challenge Seeker

Complete Difficulty Sphere 04 of a Lost Zone or Hunt
Unlocked Nov 11 @ 7:24am

Dye Hard

Apply a dye 10 times
Unlocked Oct 30 @ 6:27pm

Power House

Reach a Power Level of 2500

Master of War

Reach Level 30 with a Warmaster

I Will Survive

Reach Level 30 with a Survivalist

Déjà vu

Acquire 100k Memory Echoes

A Murder in Deepwood

Complete the Deepwood Holt Questline: 'The Greater Good'

Remnant of the Past

Complete the Curator's Questline: 'A Fragmentary Passage'

No Honor Among Thieves

Complete Old Kite's Questline: 'Honor Among Thieves'

Last of the Woodwen

Complete Unar the Mystic's Questline: 'Last of the Woodwen'

Alchemical Enthusiast

Craft 99 Flasks

Hero for All

Complete 30 Jobs

Well, That was Eventful...

Complete 1000 Events

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