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Started out as a job for Interpol - ended up being a personal seek for revenge

The Story:

Sleeping Dogs tells the story of Wei Shen - a chinese-american police officer - who was sent to hongkong to go undercover to infiltrate the triads know as The Sun On Yee. During his investigations Wei needs to cross many personal and legal lines to please his superintendent. It does not take long until Wei starts asking himself who the actual criminals are: the triads or the police?

Along the story we come by a lot of emotional scenes and we have to make a lot of hard decisions. On top of that emotional rollercoaster we are driven into a crossfire of both familial and territorial wars which causes a lot of fire in our bellys and blood on our hands.

Overall this whole setting and the way the Story got implemented is awesome and you always feel like you are actually there when those gang fights happen. I would say it's a solid 8 / 10.

The Graphics:

The graphics of this game are surely outdated for todays standards but they are still holding up pretty decent. Especially the Definitive Edition delivers a huge improvement which made this game age like a good wine.

Miscellaneous effects like explosions or gunfire as well as blood-effects do not suffer that much even in the cut version of this game but I will talk about that point later on.
The environment looks pretty polished and gives the desired east-asian flare for the Hongkong setting that game promises.
Characters are designed with love and besides those random pedestrians nothing feels like copy paste in this game.

It would have been a 10/10 if I rated it when it came out but for todays standards I can't go higher than 6 / 10 for the basic editon. The Definitive Edition pulls a whopping 7 / 10 which is pretty decent for a 7 years old game.

The Gameplay:

The gameplay is absolutely amazing. With growing progress in the game your skills are significantly improving. Overall this game is a standard gang shooter but after finishing the game you becoma the new Bruce Lee. You don't need guns... your fists are your guns. I would bet that is one reason why you can aquire two outfits inspired by said man.

Anyways to sum it up you can image a combination of Saints Row or GTA and some spicy stuff taken from Def Jam Fight for New York or maybe The Warriors all together in a chinese inspired environment pakced up with a huge load of minigames and collectibles and challenges.

As I like those beat'em up games I can't resist on giving this game a 10 / 10.

Additional Aspects:

  • Still one of the best singleplayer-games out there
  • Dirt-Cheap on sales and even worth its normal price

  • PC-Controls feels weired from time to time
  • If you are coming from Germany you can't buy the DLCs which basically makes it impossible for you to get all achievements
    • FIX: buy the Definitive Edition instead

Additional Infos:

~30 hours

Intel Core i7-8700k (Coffeelake) @ 3.9GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX1060 6GB
Random Access Memory
16GB @ 1600MHz
Operating System
Windows 10


During sales it is an absolute grab. There is actually nothing else to say. The story is great, the gameplay is full of action and free-styling and the graphics holds up pretty decent for 2019. Even the cut version of this game is not a big deal acutally. Only some scripted torture-scenes were cutted and some cutscense had been shortened but the rest of this game stayed completely untouched. The only trade-off is that you can't get the DLCs for the basegame.

Overall I give this game a 7 / 10 mainly because of the lack of DLCs.

This Review is meant to be a valuation within the games genre.

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BeatZ 16 hours ago 
Those bordered boxes in random positions just kill my eyes
Gagarin-ace 16 hours ago 
thx for all trades, take a lucky rainbow (it's not gay, just a lucky rainbow)
Nizaro Jun 30 @ 6:32pm 
+Rep Good trader.
BeatZ Jun 28 @ 11:09am 
Sure anytime
Gagarin-ace Jun 28 @ 11:07am 
thx anyway, if you dont mind i ll send you 2 cards tomorrow :gravieye:_:gravieye:
BeatZ Jun 28 @ 11:03am 
Yeah I opened up a thread where I just sell out my cards for sale cards even with hell of an overpayment (1:1 while mine is about 0.40€) because that way I save my time looking for expensive cards that I could get back with gems anyways and the loss in cards in the end is not worth mentioning in the numbers I am talking... 1000 cards or 1005 cards... who cares