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If you can translate these, I both pity and applaud you.
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Primarily looking for games that have been removed from Steam, Trading Cards, Emoticons and Backgrounds, but will entertain offers of TF2 keys and metal. Please see my trade threads for full trade details and offered stock. If you've come here from an outside site (SteamEP, SteamTrades,, etc.), please comment on my profile before adding me and mention the site or thread you came from. Thank you!

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I will accept NO TRADES from private profiles and private inventories! If you want to trade with me, you will have to make your profile and inventory public or at least friend visible. Friend requests made while I'm offline will be accepted as long as they follow these rules, but if you're offline when I come online I will not hold items for you if I get another offer.

If you are going to send me a friend request and I don't have an active trade thread (personal post in the last 2 days), leave a polite comment first. All requests that I deem blind will be rejected. I may also run your profile on SteamRep and check for rep on SteamTrades.

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10/28/19 UPDATE: Steam's new library beta has asked if I want to update my review since I have logged an additional 179 hours since my original review. These additional hours stem from the fact that I already have an account with significant playtime. However, my stance has not changed: I do not recommend this game to anybody in its current form.

Since my original review in 2017, Trion Worlds has been purchased by Gamigo. Gamigo then fired everyone from Trion, closed the company (keeping the name for branding), and has been putting minimal effort into keeping the game alive. Servers are in an even worse state than when Trion was in control and only 2-5 (reports conflict) people are working internally on the game. What little content has been released in this time has been an even more harsh grind with lots of overpriced cashshop packages to bypass said grind. Trove can be considered to be on life support at this point. I do not expect any of the remaining promised content to be released and fully expect the game to be closed within a year.

I used to love Trove. And occasionally it sucks me back in. But even with over 700 hours of gameplay, I would not recommend this game to anybody in its current state.

Fact: Trove is a grind-centric game, and always has been. Progression comes from two primary sources:
  • Collecting weapon/armor/mount skins, allies and more, which all progress the "mastery" system, granting rewards and account strength
  • Levelling and gearing your class(es)
This would not be so bad if not for the fact that experience is throttled to incentivize buying a "subscription" in the form of "patron status", which effectively doubles progression rate. Then, in terms of mastery, you regularly receive premium lootboxes called "chaos chests" as dropped loot, however recent changes have account bound them and their contents, when their contents amount to more than a common crafting material.

When I started playing, monetization was relatively minimal. Patron always existed, but there were many players buying tradeable passes, driving the player economy. Most of the rewards and currencies could be traded, and the dev lead stated that monetization would not be a focus in the game. This has changed, rather rapidly, over the past year or so as more and more items are being locked to accounts, while cash shop equivalents in the form of loot boxes have popped up. Formerly fair sales have been replaced with a "loyalty currency" that pales in comparison. Tradeable premium currency and Patron Pass options have dwindled to incentivize personal purchase, killing the game economy. Double Experience Potions were added to "weekly sales", and experience gain silently decreased. And yet in spite of all of these revenue sources the servers function as bad (if not worse) today as they did before the monetization upscale, and content improvements are so infrequent that it's easy to believe the game has been abandoned only to suddenly see a news article about a major update some six months to a year later, with enough content to keep you busy for about two days.

To put it bluntly, the developers became greedy. I don't know if this is due to pressure from Trion Worlds (who do not have the best monetization track record) or the development team just fell to the dark side. Either way, I strongly recommend looking to other F2P games to waste your time. Warframe, Path of Exile, and Guild Wars 2 (not on Steam) are all highly recommended and survive and grow on completely non-abusive F2P models and are far more deserving of your time and attention than what Trove has become.

Should things change and the development of this game shifts to stop trying to milk every cent out of its users, I'll happily change this review. I fully understand the game has to remain profitable to remain alive, but there's a fine line between being profit-viable and consumer-abusive, and Trove sadly crossed that line a long time ago.
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All mods that I have produced for the game Starbound.

Collection formed for profile and forum linking purposes (read as: shameless self-advertisement).
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Created by - Azure Fang
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Created by - Azure Fang
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With the total reveal of how happiness is gained and managed, this achievement can now easily be completed with an established game and a settlement with only 2 settlers. By following this guide, ANY ESTABLISHED PLAYTHROUGH can complete the achievement wit
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Deep Dungeons of Doom Trading Card Concept
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