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If you can translate these, I both pity and applaud you.
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Primarily looking for games that have been removed from Steam, Trading Cards, Emoticons and Backgrounds, but will entertain offers of TF2 keys and metal. Please see my trade threads for full trade details and offered stock. If you've come here from an outside site (SteamEP, SteamTrades,, etc.), please comment on my profile before adding me and mention the site or thread you came from. Thank you!

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2.2 Hours played
I bought this game specifically because of Rusinylancer's negative review, and I am glad that I did so. While lacking polish, this game is surprisingly fun. If you just want the bullet list, scroll down to "Final Say", as this will be TL;DR for many.

Control of this game is intended for controller, and controller is active by default. If you plan to use a keyboard, make sure to set controls in the pre-game setup menu, and go over them so that you may become familiar. Once in game, navigate to "options" and set the control type to "keyboard" so that you have proper control of the game. Beyond this, still expect some odd control choices, such as a second confirm button when crafting.

Be warned: There is no tutorial in this game. You will have to learn everything yourself.

Gameplay is broken in to two distinct modes: map and exploration. In map mode, you travel the overworld square by square, consuming food to move or perform actions such as adventuring or mining; exploring the map can also trigger events, which can lead to treasure, events, or combat.

Exploration encompasses hunting and gathering food, adventuring for treasure, and exploring towns. When entering an explorable, the zone is randomly generated, giving constant play even in a single playthrough. Monster kills and treasure finds generate resources that can be used to craft equipment, while hunting/gathering/fishing provides food necessary to perform exploration actions.

As noted in the game description, all NPCs in towns are recruitable - simply talk to an NPC and, if you meet their requirement, you can add them to your party to be used in combat and crafting actions.

Character development follows two systems: level and skill. As you kill enemies, you gain experience, rising in level and gaining HP ans SP, as well as progressing "killer" tracks for enemy types. By using skills, everything from your attack skill to crafting skills, they rise in effectiveness over time, much in the way of adaptive level games such as the original Dungeon Siege.

Combat follows the semi-standard "line formation" style. Your party and the enemy are on opposite sides of the field and take turns, based on stats, performing actions. Attacking an enemy in combat uses a quicktime event, requiring input when a target passes in a reticle to perform a successful hit. All attacks take SP, which are regenerated in combat using the "rest" command, artificially slowing combat both on your side and on the enemy's side. After a successful battle, experience and loot is awarded, monster log entries are updated, HP/SP are restored, and the game continues.

A playthrough consists of selecting your appearance, class, stats, and main task, with "find someone to take the place of your soul" and "get revenge on your killer" being the initial unlocked tasks, then running the game. The goal of a playthrough is to complete your main task to win the game, but gameplay is otherwise freeform.

Overall, gameplay is fun, if a grind, but the quicktime events and artificial stretching of combat requiring rest produce a dull, "do I have to go through this again?" break from the game.

Let me clear the air in light of Rusinylancer's review. Voxel[] =/= Buildable or destructible. Voxel graphics are exactly as you see in this game: objects in game are comprised of "3D pixels" - filled cubes - rather than shaped polygons. The misconception that voxel games are solely sandbox or destructible builders can be attributed to the fact that the style is used in an abundance of such games, most notoriously Minecraft (though this itself is a misconception) or Steam-distributed games such as Trove or 7 Days to Die, while it's use in terrain and objects can be dated back to Amok on Sega Saturn in 1996 but likely goes back even further.

By using small voxels to render objects, in much the same way as PlayStation 3 game 3D Dot Game Heroes, with which this game shares MANY similarities, the game produces a "neo-retro" feel, being both 3D yet pixelated at the same time. While the voxel usage produces uncommon, pleasing visuals, this is weakened by a pervasive blur effect on even close objects, a camera locked to 90 degree angle turns at a non-adjustable plane, and opaque zone walls that obstruct the camera when too close to the screen-side wall of a given zone.

To an extent, the game feels a little "cranked out". Text bleeds over some menu boundaries, graphics could use a second opinion on some design choices, mouse cursor follows keyboard/controller choices in many cases leaving it hanging on the screen when not in use, menu cursor that remains on the same "row" when flowing through cascading menus, combat is artificially lengthened, and no tutorial explaining any mechanics in the game whatsoever. Needs a lot of polish.

Final Say
  • Nicely rendered voxel graphics hampered by pooor usage of blur
  • Artificially lengthened combat
  • Randomly generated gameplay giving long single- and multiple-playthrough lifetime
  • Freeform party with any randomly generated NPC available as a member
  • No tutorial and no explanation of gameplay elements
  • Solid, if basic, crafting system
  • Needs a lot of polish
  • No starting explanation of how to beat a playthrough short of the one line description

The game is enjoyable, if bland. If you like randomly generated RPGs there are worse games you could by with your money, but definitely weigh other game options when looking at this one. It is definitely enjoyable, but could easily turn a buyer off based on opinion. Remember that Steam has a return system for a reason!

Overall, this deserves a recommendation, on the auspices that it may receive improvements over time.
Workshop Showcase
All mods that I have produced for the game Starbound.

Collection formed for profile and forum linking purposes (read as: shameless self-advertisement).
14 ratings
Created by - Azure Fang
Favorite Guide
Created by - Azure Fang
30 ratings
With the total reveal of how happiness is gained and managed, this achievement can now easily be completed with an established game and a settlement with only 2 settlers. By following this guide, ANY ESTABLISHED PLAYTHROUGH can complete the achievement wit
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One way or another, it blows up. I like this guy!
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Deep Dungeons of Doom Trading Card Concept
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BJSwensen Jul 21 @ 3:30pm 
Sorry, as it seems I can't PM you directly unless we're friends, I've sent you a request.
My point is, would you be so kind to upload your Starbound mods to the repository on Chucklefish't playstarbound site? I'm currently tuning my server to play with friends, and I need non-Steam versions since I can't run client and server from Steam at the same time (and when launched separately the client ignores Steam-downloaded mods).
Azure Fang Nov 14, 2016 @ 4:01pm 
To all who can read: I have just purged all +rep comments, all 150+ of them, from my profile. In the same way, any trader can equally purge any -rep from their profile with one click per comment. Profile rep is POINTLESS. ONLY trust rep threads on well moderated, established groups, or sites where the user receiving rep cannot directly manipulate the comments.