Azelphur   Margate, Kent, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Hi, before you add me as a friend, please read the below, it'll help us to get along better.

When talking to me, please don't...
- Say my name without asking/saying anything else, Just ask your question. It saves us both time :).
- Message me asking for me to unmute/unban someone else, get them to use the appeals section on the forum:
- Send unsolicited invites to play games.
- Spam me with funny links.
- Send me unsolicited trade requests.
- Report players breaking the rules, use the /report command instead (It sends a message to all the admins, and lets us know which server, and why)
- Ask me for free stuff.
- Ask to ask a question
- Ask me to add someone else, I won't.

However, you can feel free to...
- Ask me questions about the server
- Ask how we did things, what addons/technology we use, etc.
- Ask me general technology related questions
- Message me privately about any security vulnerabilities you find, I'm very appreciative of people who drop me a message to let me know, rather than abuse vulnerabilities.
- Make constructive criticism. I'm not one to get angry over things like this, just remain polite and it's all good :)

If you want to...
- Make a feature request, please use the forum. While I'm happy to discuss it with you, if you don't post it on the forum, i'll probably just end up forgetting it. Where as on the forum it can't get lost :)

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ßꝹꝹ™ Oct 8 @ 2:04pm 
@Azelphur Yeah, I guess that makes sense. Many of the games have started to become irrelevant ever since the uprising of Fortnite.
Azelphur Oct 8 @ 12:51pm 
@TheBoochachos I think TF2 is just getting old honestly. Less people playing.
ßꝹꝹ™ Oct 5 @ 1:40pm 
Hey, do you have any information on why people suddenly stopped joining your servers? I love the surf server but it just feels so empty and boring ever since people stopped joining it.
Wet Nuts Jun 20 @ 12:10am 
Hey, I see you have many useless craftable TF2 items So I can give one of my hats for all of them.
Check my profile (link in bio) and send me steam trade offer if its ok for you. Thanks for attention!
76561198379004677 Trade Banned Apr 1 @ 6:58am 
Added for possible trade!
Azelphur Feb 10 @ 5:52pm 
Another person who didn't like getting beat at Rocket League below, they're a funny bunch :)