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Among Us is a unique game that differs from many others. A group of players must complete tasks among a space-ship to win a round, however, in each round there are 1-3 Impostors that must kill other players or vote them off the ship to win the round. The goal of the impostors is to outnumber the crew-mates to win, while the goal of the crew-mates is to get rid of every impostor or complete their tasks to win.

Despite the simple graphics and little variety of maps, Among Us is a very strategic game that requires for people to actively think ahead about what they're going to do in order to win the round. With the ability to vote other members off the ship after an emergency or a body is reported, players must co-operate to try and figure out who the Impostor is while they attempt to blend in with the other crew-mates.

Personally, I've had a lot of fun with this game in the few hours I've played and I think that Among Us, although it is a small game with a very minor variety of maps and customisation, is a very fun game that is enjoyable to play with friends and family.
Posted September 13. Last edited September 21.
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Destiny holds a special place in my heart, being my favourite game series and (in my opinion) one of the best games created by Bungie. I'm incredibly happy with what this game has become, I got the original Destiny on console and purchased Destiny 2 on battle.net when it came out, I am thrilled to see that the game is now thriving on Steam, I've played the game on Steam for about a week now and my love for the game hasn't changed.

The game is very extensive, and there is a wide variety of activities you can do with and without the purchase of DLCs, Destiny 2 offers the player to create their own path, and the amount of customisation the game allows helps with that. The game has been around for a while but the developers continue to update the game religiously.

With three different "classes", Titan, Hunter and Warlock, you have the option to choose a character similar to your play-style, and how you would like to approach the game, with tens of thousands of different combinations of weapons and armour, every single player is unique and helps with a sense of individuality in the game.

Despite the incredible graphics, the game doesn't need the best computer parts to run and I personally have a consistently high frame-rate no matter the activity I'm participating in. There are various worlds and locations in each world to participate in different activities, with special NPCs on each individual world that offer you different tasks to complete in return for rewards.

You can engage with different players online and work together in "Vanguard" activities, where a group of players work together to complete a mission, or fight other players in the "Crucible", the game's PvP mode.

Overall, I'm so happy to see that the game is thriving today, and I'm happy to see that a lot more people are playing the game now that it is free, I hope to see Bungie create other successful games like Destiny in the future.
Posted September 10. Last edited September 21.
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I've played the game for quite a while and Fall Guys is a very fun game with a large amount of positive features, however, there are one or two aspects of the game that I am unhappy with.

The game is fun to play with friends and family and is not incredibly competitive with a gentle learning curve, the goal of the game is simple to grasp and the graphics are visually appealing despite being very simple.

There is a wide variety of game-modes that people can play and the game also allows you to customise the appearance of your character, with a lot of different accessories you can choose that can all be attained by simply playing the game, but players have the choice to purchase a currency called "Kudos" to purchase different accessories in the shop if they choose to.

Each game-mode has a different objective that separates it from the other game-mode, constantly keeping the player engaged in the game.

Although the game is great, there is a large issue with cheaters appearing sometimes at the beginning of rounds, it is merely impossible to win when they play and the game's anti-cheat is quite poor, as cheaters are basically never banned.

Besides the cheaters, the game is incredibly enjoyable and offers a welcoming, non-competitive environment for family and friends to engage in casual gaming.
Posted August 21. Last edited November 28.
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Rust is one of the most unique and best games I've ever played, there is an incredible amount of detail and the game has a variety of ways to play. However, Rust is not a welcoming game, often with harsh language, a (mostly) very toxic community, a lot of violence, and nudity, among other things.

One of the main features that makes Rust stand out from other games is the graphics, the visuals are incredible but require a considerably powerful computer to be able to run smoothly. Rust's map is enormous and each specific landmark located around the map has its own benefits that assist the player with surviving.

The game has one of the harshest learning curve to exist, you are only given the ability to play Multi-player, and most servers that are populated with a lot of players harbour a large amount of toxicity and are very difficult to survive in by yourself, as many players team up with others to be able to strengthen their base and have access to more weapons and tools. Consequently, it's very difficult to play by yourself in large servers and is much more efficient to team up with friends and other players to thrive.

Unfortunately, Rust is a full-time job. To thrive in the game, players are required to put in countless hours daily to get equipment, keep up with other players and to prevent themselves from being raided, meaning that you must be very dedicated if you want to progress in the game.

The game differs from any other because of the large amount of pathways that the player can follow. With the ability to raid other player's bases for loot and kill other players to get their equipment, betrayal is common between groups of players.

I personally love Rust, and I recommend it to other people, but it is wise to play with more experienced players and/or friends before beginning to play by yourself, as the game is difficult to learn and may be easier to play with others. Overall, it's an excellent game that is definitely worth the money.
Posted September 22, 2017. Last edited September 21.
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Unturned is a very fun game, unlike other popular open-world survival games, Unturned doesn't have very graphic content, meaning that younger people can play the game without being exposed to violence.

The visuals of the game are very simple and aren't harsh on your computer, meaning that people with less-powerful machines are still able to run the game smoothly. With the option to play in Single-player or Multi-player survival, the player is given the ability to play by themselves offline, or with friends. Single-player is relatively simple and straight-forward to learn, while Multi-player has a steeper learning curve, but isn't too difficult so new players are able to improve.

The game has a wide variety of weapons and items that can be used to create a base to defend from zombies and other players, and also offers the player to customise the appearance of their character (however, this offers no advantages, clothing only changes the appearance of a player's character) similar to how they look in real life.

The game has a (mostly) friendly community and offers censoring in Multi-player to avoid exposing yourself to unfriendly language. The map is considerably large and each specific landmark has its individual benefits.

I'm very happy with Unturned and I think that it is a simple game that isn't incredibly competitive, but still offers players a fun environment where they can compete with other players or by themselves to survive.
Posted July 16, 2017. Last edited September 21.
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