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Jasper Morgue   Murray, Kentucky, United States
Founder and Developer of 'Zerous".

Friend Requests :

Unless told otherwise by me, comment on my profile with the reasoning for your friend request. If you do not, the friend request will be ignored without thought.

Deleted Friends :

If you noticed that I've deleted you, please check these things:

1. When was the last time we had a conversation?
2. Did you happen to change your Steam name and forget to tell me?
3. Did you offend me to the point of me wanting to strangle you? (Jack Sven)
4. Were you spamming me too often, even after I told you I was busy?
5. Are you a fuck up in life? (<-- Only I can determine that.)


I delete people quite often, I like to keep my friends list short and organised. If you find yourself getting deleted more than once or soon after a conversation, once again, don't get butt-hurt.

Much Love,

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