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Processor: I5-7600K
RAM: 16GB DDR4 3000Mhz
Mobo: MSI Z270-A PRO
Graphics card: MSI GTX1070
Mouse: Rival 600
Keyboard: HyperX Alloy
Screen: Asus VG248QE (144hz | 1080p)
Headphones: DT990 pro

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I upload my highlights from CS, check them out in my videos

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-rep fucking faggot,kid don't have nothing to do in real life and nolifing all time or fucking smurfing -profiles/76561198253000731
-rep ghosting with his friend in casual -profiles/76561198035622016

WG | ๖Baberuth ❤ ☭: wow
WG | ๖Baberuth ❤ ☭: jag hatar paradox spel
Bluehunter: cuckold
WG | ๖Baberuth ❤ ☭: wow
WG | ๖Baberuth ❤ ☭: nu slutar du
Bluehunter: >moddar
WG | ๖Baberuth ❤ ☭: kom cs
Bluehunter: MODDAR
WG | ๖Baberuth ❤ ☭: cs
Bluehunter: nej
WG | ๖Baberuth ❤ ☭: äre
WG | ๖Baberuth ❤ ☭: äre klart snart
Bluehunter: är du dum stick
Bluehunter: jag jobbar på det
WG | ๖Baberuth ❤ ☭: wow
Bluehunter: sluta skriv
Bluehunter: nu
WG | ๖Baberuth ❤ ☭: men du sa det var klart typ för månad sen
Bluehunter: hjelper inte när ni LARPar sönder och vill köra med mig hela tiden
Bluehunter is now Away.

WG | ๖I got cChi ❤ ☭ ¤"=: 14:33:01 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.
14:33:02 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.
14:33:03 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.
14:33:05 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.
14:33:07 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.
14:33:08 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.
14:33:09 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.
14:34:38 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.
14:34:39 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.
14:34:40 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.
14:34:41 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.
14:34:43 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.
14:34:46 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.
14:34:47 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.
16:31:52 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.
16:31:53 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.
16:31:54 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.
16:31:48 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.
16:31:50 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.
16:31:50 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.
16:31:55 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.
16:32:14 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.
16:32:15 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.
16:32:18 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.
16:48:26 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.
16:48:28 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.
16:48:29 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.
16:48:30 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.
16:48:36 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.
16:48:37 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.
16:48:38 - "[Shirazmatas] Shirazmatas" pokes you.

Bluehunter: >tröttnat på eu4
>blir sur när jag gör en sak och säger något annat
>wew lads
WG | ๖I got cChi ❤ ☭ ¤"=: ? du pratar om dig själv hoppas jag för när jag sa igår att jag inte har nått att göra då var det var jag var vassal och tyckte det var sååå kul? är du pk eller nej du är bluehunter med all fakta
Bluehunter: och du kan inte bryta dig fri från shiraz/byta land som du alltid göer
Bluehunter: : ))))))()()()(
WG | ๖I got cChi ❤ ☭ ¤"=: är du sur
Bluehunter: naejdå
WG | ๖I got cChi ❤ ☭ ¤"=: märks
Bluehunter: du verkar sur tho
WG | ๖I got cChi ❤ ☭ ¤"=: säger han som är sur
Bluehunter: """"""""""""sur""""""""""""

Dumb frogposter: did you know moses parted the red sea with a beyblade
Dumb frogposter: https://youtu.be/A4g0GzkRdQs?t=22s
ThatWhiteVanMan: i thought it was with a fidget spinner
ThatWhiteVanMan: jesus died for our spins

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MRW when softcakes forcebuys on CS [i.imgur.com]
Just a prank bro!

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Bluehunter May 5 @ 11:33pm 
You know, I tried. I really did. I gave you every chance in the world man. I mean look at this ♥♥♥♥ing stock jockey, thinking he's the new Keyser Söze... Have you even codify any heuristic behaviour at your firm?? Like stock selection, to position sizing, to market timing and risk managment? No you haven't. Because your decision flow process is google, yahoo finance and placera. The same as any saggy old lady in Kansas city except she won't charge you 2-20 for it. Yes you believe to be a killer gin player when its 5-cent a point, but when the stakes are up to a dollar even those Kansas grannies mop the ♥♥♥♥ing floor with you. You're a piker who cannot handle the heat. A self entiteled democrat who's only thing of note was making some cash off of bitcoin. Then you stacked up Btc after the dip but now you can't sell while the rest of us bought into the bull market 1Q-19. Enjoy eating box noodles while the rest of us will be having body sushi at the strip joint, and its all on me.
Softcakes Apr 25 @ 10:38am 
no add me
Baliauri💎cs.money Apr 25 @ 10:28am 
add me
Bluehunter Apr 3 @ 9:55am 
To the African american male who has appeared to have entered the household in which I am currently present, i appear to have to tell you that you have chosen to tress pass into a very poor choice of available houses, as I am here with a heavy blunt object and could, if i choose to, strike you multiple times upon the head and face, which would undoubtedly cause severe and possibly lethal internal bleeding. With this information being present, I strongly recommend that you leave this home before the situation must be escalated any further.
LELELELE Mar 19 @ 3:27pm 
put it in my a.s.s
LELELELE Mar 19 @ 3:27pm 
I'm so ♥♥♥♥ing gayyyyy