anime is literal dirt
Connor   Dublin, Ireland
can i just say like telling people not to smoke or drink alcohol while they’re pregnant is ableist and classist as fuck and it needs to stop. first off the
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dumb quotes
yosh : this is literally almost as autistic as you are
yosh : just go normal soldier

Valkyrie : hopefully we can start in div5 and move to div6

15:36 - Brb Pulling My Penis: brb

Allan-Bigboss92 : avv what have a hack
Allan-Bigboss92 : avv what u fukc off hack noob back to satan..

19:41 - yosh: european? more like UR A PEON LOL

TF2 The Soldier : wow why dont use a bow?


Thorin Oakenshield : now do as ur mom sais and fuckur daddy

01:30 - Nemo 風林火山: I have convinced everyone on Azelphur that someone got banned for being black yesterday on the server

(TEAM) Lopenter_BC : i will fuck the sentrys

*DEAD* ?UP | Corvo Attano : I just like to use my vast vocabulary against my foes :D

*SPEC* goddamn Max™ : you seem like a hacker

14:46 - Dex: so where did the name avv come form?
14:46 - Avv: ur mom shouted it during sex ;))
14:46 - Dex: OOH AVV
14:46 - Avv: yup
14:46 - Dex: avv = af = off
14:47 - Dex: so p much she wanted you gone
14:46 - Avv: ahahaahah

7:36 PM - Rikard :33: tilde's are like the easiest way to make yourself seem like a homo

7:51 PM - Avvurus: have fun with your essay haha
7:52 PM - yomoDAVE(CAN PLAY DOTA SOON!!): 2k words is like my dick, not too long but still really hard

10:54 AM - average ebola: IN MY SCHOOL
10:54 AM - average ebola: WE RUN AWAY FROM THE LESBIANS
10:54 AM - average ebola: IN THIS ANIME
10:54 AM - average ebola: THEY DONT HIDE
10:54 AM - average ebola: THEY JUST MAKE OUT
10:54 AM - average ebola: JAPAN WTF

subtle as Hitler himself: my penis can reach infinite distance
subtle as Hitler himself: but it only reach to u
subtle as Hitler himself: because u r my world <3

Flopy: i mean
Flopy: why dont you have internet
Flopy: im in the 3rd world country
Flopy: even i have internet
Flopy: love you tho

11:06 PM - Avvurus: flopy
11:06 PM - Avvurus: send me dick pics
11:07 PM - 46: 8==============================================>

9:48 PM - Dex: i am a mature student now
9:48 PM - Dex: with my own dorm
9:48 PM - Dex: and now I maturely decide
9:48 PM - Dex: to eat nutella with a spoon
9:48 PM - Dex: from the jar

3:13 PM - Aron: dont worry about this for now
3:13 PM - Avv: kk
3:13 PM - Aron: just do it freely as you like
3:13 PM - Aron: aron can do anything
3:14 PM - Aron: I can make horses fly ;D;D but for now design should be in focus

[Het] Keaton: Avvu ever seen anything like your current name? I sure Avv'nt
Avvu: I Avv actually
Avvu: Avv been getting sick off seeing it everywhere
[Het] Keaton: It's be nice to see Avvariety of punny names, but the Avvalanche of wit that once plagued us has since settled.
Avvu: fine you get on the quote wall I haven't seen either of them before

Kirin: Very punny.
Avv a nice day :): Avvin a laff m8?
Kirin: can't return fire... name is too... odd
Avv a nice day :): yeah you're really kirin your chances of making name-based puns
Kirin: It's even harder now that I've slammed my head into my desk repeatedly. gettin kinda dark

*DEAD* Matt "Thats what she said" Dick : they put the health pot right in the way of the blade!

9:36 PM - Flopy: but im lagging all of the sudden
9:36 PM - Avvu: all of the sudden?
9:36 PM - Avvu: that's quite a lot of the sudden
9:36 PM - Avvu: i'd only lag like 80% of the sudden
9:36 PM - Flopy: WFT ARE YU ON ABOUT

9:59 PM - edgy musician from australia: PewDiePie has 31,171,050 subs
9:59 PM - edgy musician from australia: like fuck that
10:00 PM - strafing is harder than my cock: Jesus christ why is he so retarded
10:00 PM - strafing is harder than my cock: Ive been to funerals funnier than this guy

raycarolandboys : u hacking devil
Avv : raycarolandboys : u hacking devil
raycarolandboys : STOP COPY
Avv : raycarolandboys : STOP COPY
raycarolandboys left the game (Disconnect by user).

11:31 - Ivan's in love /lft: you're as autistic as one can be
11:33 - Ivan's in love /lft has changed their name to avv and switch are both retarded.

23:40 - Popcorp: i erect every time i mge
23:40 - Popcorp: (ง ͠° ͟ʖ ͠°)ง

VIP+ Timnirvana : nice one i admet it
VIP+ Timnirvana : but taunting after kill is like dance after take a shit

Kiteki: I finished reading Things Fall Apart
Kiteki: and it's literally the saddest shit ever
Kiteki: Gonna go drown myself in rice
generic everyday avv: #JustAsianThings

15:38 - gandhi: u know judge judy
15:38 - gandhi: is it a real court n that
15:41 - Avv @ PC_DOWN: she's just a 'problem sovler'
15:41 - Avv @ PC_DOWN: shes not legal like
15:41 - gandhi: shouldnt call herself judge
15:42 - gandhi: ill knock her out

adam.horace44 : Nice try, sucker! Winner of the dumbest son of a bitch on Earth. Now fuck off and die you punkass son of a dumb ugly cow.

JJJPlaysGS : memegenorator sucks too he doesnt give ANY ONE A CHANCE
memegenerator : could you say that again but say avv instead of memegenerator?
memegenerator : close enough
JJJPlaysGS : i dont care if u have autism or not go to church

S.C.R.U.B | Ninja GrandMaster: just so you know i'm recording this so your can't lie about mge victory
memegenerator (Score:20) defeats S.C.R.U.B | Ninja GrandMaster (Score:2) in duel to 20 on Badlands spire

20:46 - Soda: [21:46:20] Avv lämnade servern.
20:46 - Soda: lämnade servern.

1:43 PM - iiTz GaaNDHii: my mother thinks im retarded
1:43 PM - iiTz GaaNDHii: but im just stoned

16:31 - Switch: med is ez road to prem, div6 medic is therefore the living embodiment of aids

11:25 PM - NotAD: I am blasting Papa toast
11:25 PM - NotAD: and cutting myself
11:25 PM - Avvaloose: papa toast
11:25 PM - NotAD: roach *
11:26 PM - Avvaloose: lolwow
11:26 PM - NotAD: gg emoself, gg
11:26 PM - Avvaloose: cut my loaf into slices
11:26 PM - Avvaloose: this is my half and half

K!N6 R4!N : please

*DEAD* Avv_what? : lel demo
*DEAD* UltaKi: Lazy's DJ : nice job taunting
*DEAD* Avv_what? : nice job sucking
UltaKi: Lazy's DJ : nice job getting banned
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Sempai Sep 26 @ 2:08am 
❤¸.•*""*•. ¸❤ ❤¸.•*""*•. ¸❤❤¸.•*""*•. ¸❤
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Sempai Sep 20 @ 6:26am 
I feel really sad for borutos dad because he was having sex with his wife when all of a sudden she got censored... that would suck man...
Sempai Sep 18 @ 10:46pm 
+rep told us he would hack but didn't and stil carried my team in cs:ghlobal ffensive
Sempai Jul 28 @ 6:25am 
*does the emjoi bop* x3
Valentine May 4 @ 4:37pm 
I pretended to be a girl in csgo competitive matchmaking. At first we just played csgo together, but we worked up to more. I even skyped dressed as a sexy woman "with poor connection" so the video would blur. After many seductive photos of my♥♥♥♥♥in my sisters underwear I convinced him I was the real deal. It took me 3 weeks to become his girlfriend.

Eventually I scammed this guy out of $600 because I convinced him I would come visit if he paid for the flight. I was lucky it paid off because i had spent nearly $200 on make up to pull off this con. He also gifted me over 20 games on steam.

11/10 would do again. It was actually a nice weekend when I flew to visit him and didn't even mind sucking♥♥♥♥♥♥ We're looking to move in together in October.
Sempai Apr 27 @ 9:41am 
Waluigi is the ultimate example of the individual shaped by the signifier. Waluigi is a man seen only in mirror images; lost in a hall of mirrors he is a reflection of a reflection of a reflection. You start with Mario – the wholesome all Italian plumbing superman, you reflect him to create Luigi – the same thing but slightly less. You invert Mario to create Wario – Mario turned septic and libertarian – then you reflect the inversion in the reflection: you create a being who can only exist in reference to others. Waluigi is the true nowhere man, without the other characters he reflects, inverts and parodies he has no reason to exist. Waluigi’s identity only comes from what and who he isn’t – without a wider frame of reference he is nothing. He is not his own man. In a world where our identities are shaped by our warped relationships to brands and commerce we are all Waluigi.