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Francesco   Puglia, Italy
Welcome in my profile :blissful_creep:,
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:CSAT: I'm Kuromori (NOT KUROMI), a friendly,funny and easily mad player. :CSAT:

:CSAT: Check out
:CSAT: I'm a main Heavy/Demoman/Pyro , i often play the last two but i'm good whit them.:cr

:CSAT: Searching for a team (why not), i would li, but i can deal whit english/american team too. :CSAT:


:CSAT: And yeah if you need something, just ask, i'm very friendly and available to anyone ^^ :CSAT:

:CSAT: My best friend is Ocralist , check out his steam profile is gud :steammocking: :CSAT:

:CSAT: Overwatch player :CSAT:
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Smokkerino Jun 10, 2017 @ 2:31am