AvoidJoker #RIPX
Joker   Tennessee, United States
Comp Overwatch/TF2 player

TF2 Comp Exp:

Season 23 Open: Yiffy Gamers
Also a 3 other teams I only played 1 match with

UGC 6s:
Season 20 Steel: PoorPeople.com
Season 21 Steel: How Do I Sprint/Ming_Cachoy's Team/ DoublePlusGood
Season 24 Steel:oddSHOT
Season 25 Silver: Dream Team Supreme Meme
Season 26 Steel: Buster's Beats
Season 18 Iron: BNR
Season 19 Steel: Sigma
Season 20 Steel: 9-bit
Season 22 Steel: Thot
Season 24 Steel: norfnorf

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