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Halloween comes with fun and games. With fake blood and screams that turns into laughs as you get spooked. Nothing is real. But what if one of those masks hid something much more real and terrifying? Haddonfield will never return to the quiet little place where school kids could go for a burger late at night, or where you didn't lock your door. Instead, it's turned into a place riddled with fears and eyes looking over their shoulders. A town filled with questions about what truly happened that night. A place where playgrounds start to rust, and raindrops can be heard during those empty nights. If you dare to embark on a journey in Haddonfield, you might stumble across someone else in the dark.
Michael Myers is the essence of evil. Born into a human mold and sent out into the world to induce pain. He bears no regrets, and no empathy. There's nothing more classic than a knife, and a knife is Michael Myers' weapon of choice. It's swift, deadly, and will never run out of bullets. Michael Myers comes with a new power called Evil Within. It is soley focused on tagging survivors as obsessions. As a survivor is tagged as an obsession, Michael's chances of catching and hooking that prey increases significantly. But as a survivor becomes an obsession, they too might gain benefits.
Michael Myers comes with three perks, and the first one is called Save the Best for Last. Save the Best for Last gives you a decreased cooldown period on missed and successful attacks if you let your obsession stay alive. The second perk is Dying Light. The obsession's speed for altruistic actions are increased, but if the obsession is killed, other survivors are punished, as repairing, sabotaging, and healing takes longer. The final perk is Play with Your Food. You can keep playing with your obsession as you chase them. You can even let them go. If your obsession escapes, your movement speed is increased.
Every hunter needs a prey. A pour soul that doesn't suspect a thing. Not until the blade goes in.
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