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So this is my profile :D. Nothing to say about me. I like plaing tf2 :´´. When you are planing to add me inform me pls, or i will just straight ignore you. Have a nice day reader ^_^ . ( League Stuff and more below ∨ )

UGC []

ETF2L []

Casual Tier 6

About 1500 hours of my ingame time in TF2 hours are stemming from my brother, he is a sniper main.

Leonard war hier.


achievement reset 8.6.18

achievement reset (second time) (because they all came back somehow) 27.8.18

achievement reset (third time) (last attempt) 4.10.18

achievement reset (fourth time) (found the technical snag - "2 devices") 15.07.19

all-class unusual bought: end of 2014

australium scattergun bought: spring of 2015

(27. Marc 2015 at 22:58 i bought the keys for it)

australium sniper rifle bought: september of 2015

scout unusual gifted to me (<3) (flipped trilby): 08.02.2016

scout unusual bought (bonk bonk boy): 27.10.2018

before i got my australium scattergun i had about 9-14k on a non KS strange scatter and 21-22k on a prof scatter, no stat transfer tool back then so rip that,
both wiped because of steam marked, one because i didnt care yet, the other one because i goofed, (bought the ausi a bit after the goof) (´・◡・`)

Something is fucked since 07.12.19...
Stats since 11.12.19:

Rounds with Hacker: 11
Without: 8

Conscious Abstainer in the Crate Depression of July 25, 2019
Currently Online
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So yea welcome to my profile this is a box of text as you can see...
So here take some Info :3 :cucumber:

- I am playing a wide variety of games
- But my main game is TF2
- I can merc for you you as scout and medic
- Pubs>Casual
- My main is Heavy As you can see by looking at my Inventory Showcase :3
- Why are people believing that?
- Gentleman synchronise your death watches
- true words m8
- My favorite color is green
- Worst part of TF2: me smart, me shoot ground
- I do 100, sometimes 200 kills a day on my scattergun
- Im old years old
- This is my favorite piano track
- Remove random crits plis
- yes
- Accepts a plat merc in siver, enemy team calls him scum a few minutes later
- This is your brain on anime
- I am an admin of the group GM'sU
- I sometimes create mods for games check them out
- I am also the main caller (just sometimes nowadays ?!?) on that team ^_^
- Visit our "TF2Changes" github:
- Games are about fun dont let your day be spoiled by idiots
- ̶b̶̶u̶̶t̶̶ ̶̶h̶̶e̶'̶s̶̶ ̶̶a̶̶ ̶̶n̶̶i̶̶c̶̶e̶̶ ̶̶g̶̶u̶̶y̶
- Dont spill your salt, i guess just wait until you don't care anymore
- weeb
- I mentor you at scout if you want but pls dont tell anyone that I cant actually play him
- Science. It works, Bitches.
- pls :medicon: :sad_creep:
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5 years since we first played, a lot of bs, thx tf2, thx rebi
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Hi there :)
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