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"I am fading away just like a leaf, falling from the trees to the ground, and disappear."
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^ Tis is just a quote ^ (Most of the quotes are either dark or just weird) :^)

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If you think you are a steam admin/ "pending" ban, don't even try it lul... []

9 more years till I disappear :FallingLeaf:

Don't just always wait for the friend / classmate / online friends to have a chat with you, they'll always ignore you just because you did something to them or they felt guilty for doing something to you... Sometimes in life, YOU are going to be the person who's going to start the conversation first! Don't just wait for that person to talk to you, just speak with them and you'll get your friends to play or talk with you. Sometimes it doesn't work but most of the times, it works! I did it myself sometimes but since I have no subject to use, I just asked when they are playing the same game or I did something bad to them and I needed to apologize to them and yet either they'll accept and play again or they won't play with you but will forgive you for what you have done to them! I experienced this kind of thing myself here and yet some people still never wanted to talk to the person first after what they did to them... It's people we're talking about here... Some change and some never change due to their attitudes and such...


:koikoijapan_momiji: Azusa is best waifu :FallingLeaf:

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Rest In Peace, Australium Wrench 11:23 10/11/17
I accidentally Deleted it..............but hey! Steam support helped me getting my wrench back and then someone took it away and never gave it back after four years. . .
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Oh. hello stranger/ friend/ mate! Welcome to my profile!

First and last of all!
Don't add me for no specific reason. ( Do you scammers not read this? )

Just comment down below why do ye wanna add me. (You give me an actual good reason why to accept your friend request, Unless I added you for something... You don't need to comment down below and I need to or maybe not.) < My trade link if you cannot access through

I tend to make bad jokes so I never made one and I'm an annoyance and more insults because I kinda am usually and I'm sorry.

Question? : Why I do not have any good friend list in this info box or the desc box?

Answer : Well, they usually tend to insult me (of course I also insulted them.) with the words I say or things I buy so I couldn't win a battle because it's the truth. No matter what I'll always lose to a word battle. This is why I never had a good friend list because MOST of them use those words I say and the things I buy so they could not get insulted (Well of course anger always wins but I'm the passive-aggressive person now and sometimes I could just let it slide or I could just get annoyed and be mad about it but usually it's 50/50 so depending on my mood. This words are true and you cannot deny this kind of f0kin thing you people do... They’re all “neutral” friends and the only thing they do after not having a conversation for a long time is to play other games with their other friends. I hate making the top 10 friends thing before... I somewhat regretted it and somewhat not regretted it at the same time.


I have a goal for TF2 and it is only one of these expensive hats (It would be nice if you can help me with these unusual, I will be very grateful if anyone can help me with this.) :

Starstorm insomnia Crone Dome.

Starstorm Insomnia : 200 - 250 Keys (Prices or stock may change time to time in


status :

in-game - I'm in a game, what do you think am I doing?

online - doing other stuff, on standby, twitter, Youtube, trading, and other such things you don't know.

away - Doing stuff, homework, getting the hecc out from my house, reading novel or taking a nap.

snooze - Let me sleep would ya? (if you see me snooze and I turn online and send an immediate message) Don't say anything because that wouldn't be me... Immediately remove me so you won't be involved with dis shet and the only way to know if that is me, ask about B-lorant Odin strategy.

Offline - You want me really to explain this huh?

Invisible : testing stuff.

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Ah you scroll down to the bottom so here is the message :

INFJ < Search for that and you'll understand me more a little bit.
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This is a random collektion for TF2 posing sheit
3 ratings
Created by - Autumnxd
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Created by - {N} Olse and ⌈quandary⌋
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With close to 3 1/2 years and 700 hours of experience, this guide aims to give advice and pointers on how to improve and, ultimately, master the Huntsman for the Sniper in TF2. Secondary and Melee weapons will also be covered briefly, based on how well the
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4,131 Hours played
Alright... I have played this game since 2014 or 2013-ish (2011 in the other account) and let me make a proper review of this game. First the pros and cons about this game.

Pros :

> It's fun to play and its a timeless masterpiece.
> You could make friends here. (Sort of.)
> Casual is fun-ish.
> Community servers are lit af due to either new players or toxic people in chat.
> There are good maps to play in casual. (Jungle Inferno maps and Pier... No...)
> Huntsman is best weapon, change my mind.
> Sun-on-a-stick, Sharpened Volcano Fragment, Back Scatter, and the Enforcer is top tier weapons in the entire game.
> Porn/Hentai sprays in almost every community server ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
> DUPED SHOVELS!!!!!!! (I have a duped MG and 2 duped Shovel) :^)

Cons :

> When people ask not to leave casual to avoid bots, lag bots, and yet they left. I won't recommend playing casual and just play community (If you can.)
> Casual mostly now have lag bots, bots, hackers or toxic people. (THANKS SAUCE CODE.)
> Community servers rarely have hackers but they do have strange people :^)
> Casual matchmaking is just the same with Rainbow 6 Siege with high tier players.
> Some Medics and Engineers are mostly brain dead. Only a few I met were Gucci.
> People keep leaving after losing one round... What is the motivation to play casual if you are just going to straight up leave the game after losing one though. You TF2 players have a weird motivation to leave a game after one round. :^)
> "Some" high tier players are gods and some are not.
> White to purple ranks in casual never know how to F1 to kick a bot or a hacker.
> Scammers in the internet taking people's items and being a middleman working with the scammer... Shame and until now...
> Mann up is a great game mode to go away from the disgusting casual but some of the people judge on their tours. Just because I am tour 30, that doesn't mean I am bad :^)

Conclusion : I have been playing this game for at least eight years since 2013, most of the years were fun and some were not... Usually I would be in the community servers to do stoopid shet like soundsmith (soundsmith wannabe here.) and I do casual either if I'm bored or playing with friends. (usually I would be in Mann vs Machine if I'm playing with friends.) Now I have played this game called Valorant, and Dota and I still play this because there are still people here playing this game every single day and the new people coming into this game and mann up. On how the old school people will either teach them or observe them on how do they play the game. (Of course for trading beginners. They could get deceive by scammers and I couldn't do anything about that since it's their choice what do they want to do. I have learn this the hard way of getting scammed tons of times.) But! When you see this game in your library, you will at least play it once per month or 2. End of conclusion..

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