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At first I was put off that Straima had multiplayer with up to four players and imagined that the game was built around that and would offer a subpar single-player experience; I was wrong.

Straima is an extremely difficult platformer set up with over 100 bite-sized stages. Each stage consists of a single, non-scrolling map that loops on each side. Focusing on a small space allows the level design to be very meaningful and not filled with fluff. A few stages even offer nods to other games such as Tetris, Frogger, or VVVVV. The main goal for each stage is to squash every pink blob (pinkie) on the screen. There are also two side-goals for each stage; finish within a certain time and/or without dying. The game tracks your progress for the side-goals in the form of gold trophies next to the level on the menu and these goals can be met on separate runs. Most stages have a target time between 20-60 seconds. One might think that this is worrying for game length, but Straima offers excellent replayability.

The game can be rather addicting when it comes to completing a stage under the par time. There were many occasions where I was only a few seconds away from reaching it and couldn't walk away while thinking “I'll get it on the next try!”. Of course, the run I was looking for was sometimes a dozen or two attempts away. Though, there were times when I was stuck on certain levels (I'm looking at you, Pinball Wiz) and needed to move on to another. The great thing about Straima is that there are so many levels to choose from that this isn't an issue. As you play other stages, you will learn certain tricks that might allow you to shave off a few seconds from previous levels that the target time was just a hair out of reach. At times, Straima even felt like a puzzle game to me. I would sit here and map out my route, trying to finish the level in the quickest way possible. The time trials can be rather tight even if you don't die in a level which makes this planning very necessary. There are also stages that are designed to be a puzzle through use of mechanics such as levers to open and close passageways in a maze.

Each level is very unique compared to the rest and never once did I get the feeling that I played the same stage twice. This is rather impressive to me given the sheer number of levels put into the game. Straima achieves this through it's great variety of enemies, hazards, stage modifiers, and choice of power-ups. Utilizing the power-ups to the best of their ability is the key to completing each stage under the par time. When selecting a level, you are given the choice of picking one power-up out of a handful that pertain to the current stage being played. Sometimes, it is beneficial to use the slow-time power-up in order to dodge particularly difficult enemy fire; but is it worth using that over the ability to warp through the floor and potentially skip certain sections? I found these decisions to give a lot of weight to which power-up to choose when starting a stage. Through experimentation, you will learn the best application of each of these abilities.

There are two features that I didn't get around to using; a level editor and party play. The level editor offers the same tools that the developer used to create the core levels of the game. Created stages are able to be shared with others by downloading the file and placing it into their game folder. Unfortunately, it seems there is no community for this feature so right now even with a dedicated Steam sub-forum for user designs. As for the party play, it's local only and features a deathmatch mode for up to 4-players and a co-operative mode for 2-players. Most of the deathmatch stages are designed specifically for this mode whilst the co-operative mode shares stages with single-player.

Straima is definitely one of the better platformers that I've played in a long time. It's hard not to recommend a game that has such tight controls, varied level design, “one more” addictiveness, unique visuals, and great soundtrack. Keep in mind that even though it sounds like there is not a lot of content to be had with such short levels, it took me about 15 hours to achieve both trophies on all of the stages. If you're looking for a very challenging platforming experience, Straima is your game.
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