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This is a great game for casual and hardcore players alike. If someone is having trouble they can switch to the casual ruleset at no penalty whatsoever. Don't go in expecting some grand metroidvania because that is not what this game is. Eagle Island is a rogue-lite platformer which simply draws influence from the metroidvania genre instead of trying to recreate it.

Combat is fairly simple, yet challenging. Take care when you aim your trusty owl as there is a slight cooldown to use him again if you miss. There is no cooldown if you hit your target, which leads to extremely satisfying combos when clearing out a room or fighting a boss. New enemies and enemy variants are introduced with each biome to keep things fresh. I would recommend to take the time to learn how each of them behaves before going in owls blazing.

Aside from clearing the game, Eagle Island offers a rank system as well some collectibles and unique achievements for the more hardcore player. In order to get the best rank, the player must maintain high combos through rooms while being quick and taking minimal damage. This is probably something I'd recommend to do after beating the story as the game does have a persistent unlock system.

Between the amount of story levels, randomized seeds, challenge modes, and optional goals, Eagle Island is full of content and is something I can recommend to anybody who enjoys a bit of a challenge. There is absolutely no shame in trying the casual ruleset if the player is struggling as this is definitely not as easy as the cute art lets on.

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Xtreme Steel ™ 13 hours ago 
Eid is finally here to grace us with happiness and prosperity. May the creator flood Your Life With Happiness. May you be blessed with kindness, patience and love. May this Eid bring joy and love to your heart and create all the opportunities of success for you! Eid Mubarak! Much love. Stay Safe. Game on. <3
bayhickimse aga Apr 30 @ 12:05am 
Hey can u give me community reward? İ need please...

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MARXXX Mar 24 @ 4:53pm 
As a collector I would like to ask if you sell/trade/swap your steam gifts :)
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nobo Jan 8 @ 2:07pm 
for trade
Xtreme Steel ™ Jan 1 @ 2:03pm 
:lifeheart: Time to shift-delete 2020, and start a new year hopefully filled with smiles. Happy New year ever :lifeheart: