RIP Zoey 7/4/09-4/14/17 + Edmond 5/13/16-11/7/17   United States
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Got My Steam Account back (after being hacked) on Friday,October 23, 2015
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Hello! I am AttackSpring173, but please, call me Attack. I am very laid back and respectful to anyone I come across. I hope you all enjoy your stay! :D

Social Media?
Facebook- Private Message me for it's info

Wanting to start a Strange Special Killstreak Weapon Collection in Team Fortress 2

Current Games?
Team Fortress 2
Left 4 Dead 2
Garrys Mod
Portal 2
Call of Duty: World at War
Minecraft(not shown on Steam)
CS:GO (Still don't invite me to games plz)

If you have any of these and want to play with me, hit me up with a message! :)

Fun Facts :3
-My favorite game is Team Fortress 2
-I love writing
-I LOVE geography and locations
-I really don't plan on getting into the "unsusal trading community" in TF2 (you can still gift me one if you want ;))
-I don't have an official main. I just say I main Scout/Soldier/Demo/Medic (the 6s classes)
-Zoey is my dog and Edmond is my duck, if you're wondering who Zoey is in my "name"
-Birthday is March 8 2001
-Feel free to gift me items/games :DDDDD (I ask if you gift me items, have them be for games I HAVE. Thanks :))
-Yes, I do like Danganronpa a little too much. I like it, okay. I'm still the same person ;)
-I'm single like a Pringle and I really want a girlfriend D:
-90% of the time, I'm happy! :D
-My anger has been dwindling for awhile now, so yay! :D
-I have grown a liking in NHL (National Hockey League) and hockey in general. If you're into NHL in North America, message me if you wanna know my teams! :D

More to come!

Is that all?

I hope you all enjoyed this summary of my Steam Gaming and I will see you all on the battlefield! :)

P.S. I have a slight Anger problem (By slight, I mean very much so)

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Happy New Year!!~
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Hαρρч Hαłłøωeeи!
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Happy Spoopoween everyone! >:3