Oklahoma, United States
If you're going to add me, at least comment why you're adding me.
25 - Male
- My name is Athazar, most people I know will know me by a different name but I tend to change names occasionally. You should probably nickname me on Steam just in case.

- I don't send friend requests, but you're free to send one my way. Don't be surprised if I decline though. I sometimes do big friends list sweeps too, if you get removed then it's nothing personal.

- Please don't add me if you're a friend collector, teenager, or someone who isn't going to bother talking to me. My main interest is in those with a mutual interest in me as a friend, and I prefer to add those who I'm familiar with- such as people I've actually played with/met in-game before.

- My current main game interests include Team Fortress 2, Deep Rock Galactic, and Monster Hunter.
Some of my side interests include Minecraft, Risk of Rain 2, and Yakuza.

- I don't trade with others, so don't add me for that. If I want to trade, I'll use a bot for it.

- The character in my PFP is a bearded vulture gryphon and one of my characters.

- I may not reach out much (due to work/projects/other things keeping me from prioritizing such) but I like to talk. A lot. Like, conversations the size of a novel. Or the bible.

- Huge music nerd, love talking about it. Favorite genre is progressive rock, but I have many tastes, some a bit more obscure. Current music obsession is Tally Hall/Miracle Musical.
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nena May 30 @ 9:11pm 
met in Wolves' Den :ss23:
BunnyCurves May 28 @ 8:33am 
Hopeful heart is my favorite badge, you're a legend :Refrain_Heart:
HEAVEN AND HELLO May 6 @ 8:13pm 
Added cuz I love your tf2 work.
Nezom Apr 29 @ 11:02pm 
Alright then....sorry for bother...
Athazar Apr 29 @ 10:34pm 
Sorry for the late reply, but I don't really accept friend requests from people I'm not familiar with.
Nezom Apr 16 @ 5:43pm 
im adding ya because yoou seem cool so why not?:3