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About me

Owner and Administrator of : TOA: - The Onyx Armada

We had TF2 server -_- (volvo pls fix quickplay), mumble server and forums, come join us!

-Date of Birth: 06/02/1993 - I honestly don't expect presents, please save that money and put it to much better use!!!

-Favourite colour: Green / Lilac

-Software Developer at Sky UK

- English (mother tongue)
- Russian (learning...ish)

Want to learn in the future
- Some form of Chinese
- Arabic

Programming languages I enjoy
- Java
- Scala
- Javascript, both client and node.js

- Mostly electronic based music. (Electrohouse, Psytrance, Eurobeats, Chiptunes, stuff I can't classify)
- Video game OSTs and remixes especially piano remixes!
- Anime OSTs
- Some various forms of rock, grunge, metal

If it has a catchy tune, I'll generally like it.
My favourite music always has a memory or emotion associated with it.

Favourite Steam Games
- Super Meat Boy
- Terraria
- Binding of Isaac
- TF2

-Where my current avatar is from:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure!

Awesome PC Specs
CPU: i7 920 (Watercooled with a custom loop)
Mobo: Asus P6T
RAM: A dizzying 6GB (only 4GB works) of triple channel DDR3 running at 1800Mhz
GPU: An ultrafast GTX 275 that struggles to run new games at 1080p
SSD: 512GB Corsair MX100
HD: 2x 3TB in raid 1, 1x 1TB, 1x 250GB
Sound Card: Asus Xonar ST
PSU: Corsair 750W
Case: Coolermaster Cosmos
Monitor: Dell 2209WA (one of the first affordable IPS monitors...I had one before they were cool)

You're jelly right? :rrazz:

Quotes 'n' Stuff
GOTTA GO FAST ੯ू•́ू ໒꒱⁼³₌₃ ⁼³₌₃ ⁼³₌₃ ⁼³₌₃ ⁼³₌₃ ⁼³₌₃ ⁼³₌₃ ⁼³₌₃ ⁼³₌₃ ⁼³₌₃ ⁼³₌₃ ⁼³₌₃ ⁼³₌₃ ⁼³₌₃ ⁼³₌₃ ⁼³₌₃ ⁼³₌₃ ⁼³₌₃ ⁼³₌₃ ⁼³₌₃ ⁼³₌₃ ⁼³₌₃

'Don't you know, when a Japanese studio closes down, they are done. All the animators and artists commit sudoku' Wulff

'She looks like a typical moe blob semen demon, or cum commander, one of the two' Wulff

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