Texas, United States
Genre: RPG, Strategy, Tabletop :dungeonofrezrog:
Class: Paladin, Druid
Strategies: Defender, Harvester, Mystic :rnt_ranger:
Alignments: Order, Nature, Light
Play-style: Iron fist in a velvet glove :devourerofworlds:
Lucky Color: Orange
Bad Habits: Petting monsters, Allying with strangers, Save scumming :ashamedslime:
Favorite Cryptid: Jackalope
Gender: Male :etgpilot:
Age: Adult
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Created by - Astranon
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This guide is a reference for players seeking memorable adventures with engaging stories, scenic environments, and balanced combat.
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BarkBane is a lumbering alien of the deep forest on planet Verdantes. It takes its time.
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