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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Apr 1 @ 1:55am


Start your first Academy training
Unlocked Apr 1 @ 2:15am

Eye in the Sky

Locate the Pentagon using Drone and Imagery Intelligence
Unlocked Apr 1 @ 3:18am

Hasta la Vista

Gain VPN access to Cyberdyne's network
Unlocked Apr 1 @ 2:17am

Shape Shifter

Customize your agent avatar
Unlocked Apr 1 @ 2:16am


Change your Stinger OS skin
Unlocked Apr 1 @ 2:00am

Terminal Operator

Enter your first command line
Unlocked Apr 1 @ 3:01am

Friday the 13th

Find Dylan's very secret password
Unlocked Apr 1 @ 3:40am

Terminal Operator II

Enter 50 command lines in a terminal
Unlocked Apr 1 @ 4:40am

Terminal Operator III

Enter 100 command lines in a terminal
Unlocked Apr 2 @ 5:15am


Conclude a transaction on the dark web
Unlocked Apr 2 @ 7:38am


Remotely start a barbecue
Unlocked Apr 2 @ 4:37am

Bounty Hunter

Successfuly complete a bounty

Terminal Operator IV

Enter 500 command lines in a terminal
441 / 500

Terminal Operator V

Enter 1000 command lines in a terminal
441 / 1,000

Long Live the King

Successfully Activate FAY2.0


Fail the activation of FAY2.0


Become a witness to my glory

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