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Asteris "Vanellope" Shadowmane   France
"I wouldn't indulge in it if it made me uncomfortable or made me negative" - Asteris "Vanellope" Shadowmane 2017

My Big Sis <3 :

~-Welcome to my profile!-~

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Bon joure! ^-~

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Asteris "Vanellope" Shadowmane - <3

Age: 21
Race: Ponex/Anthro Pony
Origin: Changeling/Pegasus
Nationality: French (kinda... was born a french part of EQ, grew up in good ol` merica)
Sex: Female
Religion: The Lunar Empire, Jesus and Bob Ross's Happy Canvas

Strong relationships: Mew, Pastel party, Rumi, Dashie my big sister.

(Does not attribute to Irl description)

Other OCs: Pepper and Cyllia <3

Now accepting art,FH Livery pics (Ask about it), Audio mixing comissions

Massive deadmau5 fan,Luna lover, Music mixing, Art painting, Car racing, Gun shooting, stealthy heisting, livery designing, Widowmaker maining, deadmau5 wannabe, Anthropamorphic Pony that can change her voice on command :3

"Sometimes it happens in a few weeks, sometimes it happens in a year, sometimes it doesn't happen at all, but it 100% won't happen if you don't get out and try it for yourself" ~ deadmau5

I also just recently start speaking French again because people liked it when i spoke french every now and then <3

Lewd/sex jokes are funny every now and then, but i prefer not to emphasize it too much, keep it civil, don't be a devil <3

SFM pic edited by me, Credit to - Hoovesart for the original image

Friends list Rules

-Must be at least lvl 2
-Cannot be a private profile setting
-I do not friend subscribers that i've never met before for the sake of security
-I do not trade (Cause it takes too long and i don't have a phone :/)
-Anybody that isn't active for a month gets removed, this excludes bfs
-Anybody that doesn't respond as to why they're adding me automatically gets removed :/
-And don't ask me constantly to do something, I'm usually very busy and i don't have time for most of what you guys want me to do...

Thanks <3
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mexican narco Mar 20 @ 2:25pm 
gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay
[DoE] Rainbow Boom Feb 4 @ 10:52pm 
*Leaves a plate of cookies*
CalgaryHighLander Feb 4 @ 5:29pm 
Dear God Please Kill me And Take Asteris with me casue he is the only person i like on this earth
✿Viridi✿ Jan 25 @ 6:35pm 
I know exactly how you feel.
🎮ѕнα∂σω ωσℓƒ🎮 Dec 25, 2018 @ 2:12pm 
═══════════════════ஜ۩۞ ☾☀☽ ️۞۩ஜ═══════════════════

                 мєяяу ¢няιѕтмαѕ αη∂ нαρρу ηєω уєαя

═══════════════════ஜ۩۞ ☾☀☽ ️۞۩ஜ═══════════════════
Hellfire Dec 21, 2018 @ 3:11am 
Wow your oc is like similar to me I think we’re sisters .3. So cool