If you want to add me post a comment below with reason you're adding me BEFORE you add me. Otherwise i'll just block you. I mean. If you can't even bother to write a few fucking words then why should i bother adding you? And nope. People with high levels are NOT an exception. The only one is if I know you from outside the steam or met you in one of games. But I don't know you. So write the motherfucking comment.

Oh and don't even bother adding me if you have low level (Under 2) or private profile.

Adding me to groups that are clearly scam will earn you a blockade as well.

I don't trade with people who got reported for trade scam etc. no matter what the reason was.

I play mainly strategy and sandbox games in singleplayer but if you want to play mp i can do it too.

Tł;dr version

Post a fucking comment before you add me and gtfo if you are scammer
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StinkyWhiskey Oct 2 @ 12:38pm 
Dziękuje kochanie <3 ;*
I wanna trade
Assono May 5 @ 3:32am 
marnójesz rzycie i wgl
ić pobiegać lepiej czy cos
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co ja tu robie
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-godność i rozum człowieka