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Convoy offers a thrilling opportunity to ride in the eye of the storm. Skillfully micromanaging vehicular combat has never sounded this good, thanks to a pulse-pounding soundtrack that perfectly juxtaposes calm and crisis.

With a longer game, Convoy doubles down on the original formula from FTL: Faster Than Light. Players cruise through a randomized gauntlet, amassing strength to better their odds of survival for an epic last stand. It feels great, but a lot of the journey is spent on grinding from the high encounter rate. Often, you risk taking too much damage and fuel to progress, so it becomes important to pick your battles.

Mini-text adventures abound in Convoy, supplying exquisite immersion in addition to tense clashes. An open-world map invites players to explore many possibilities, even non-linear progression. While stories start to become familiar as they appear again, no two games are alike. Some killer voice acting really sells a rough-and-tumble Mad Max world.

Convoy is one of my favorites. The tough grit needed to make calculated decisions makes it a flavorful addition for any collector of strategy games.
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