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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Apr 19 @ 1:10pm

Fly trapped!

Capture the buzzing fly
Unlocked Apr 27 @ 7:19am

The bestiary

Collect all pages from uncles diary
Unlocked Apr 24 @ 1:40am

Safety first!

Put on the helmet, it's for your own safety
Unlocked Apr 27 @ 5:03am

Tick Tock

Become a clock expert
Unlocked Apr 24 @ 1:33pm

Snail treat

Feed the Giant Snail Father with a fair share of crabs
Unlocked Apr 27 @ 7:28am


Collect all but one of the orbs
Unlocked Apr 24 @ 1:56am


Change your clothing five times
Unlocked Apr 20 @ 1:55am

Melody pops

Find three hidden whistle pops
Unlocked Apr 27 @ 7:05am

Master of earth

Collect 90% of green orbs
Unlocked Apr 27 @ 7:02am

Master of water

Collect 90% of blue orbs
Unlocked Apr 27 @ 7:09am

Master of air

Collect 90% of celadon orbs
Unlocked Apr 27 @ 7:08am

Master of elements

Collect 90% of all orbs
Unlocked Apr 27 @ 3:43am

Apprentice of earth

Collect 50% of green orbs
Unlocked Apr 27 @ 4:41am

Apprentice of water

Collect 50% of blue orbs
Unlocked Apr 27 @ 4:49am

Apprentice of air

Collect 50% of celadon orbs
Unlocked Apr 27 @ 4:21am

Apprentice of elements

Collect 50% of all orbs
Unlocked Apr 24 @ 1:11am

Garçon de cuisine

Touch every piece of cookware
Unlocked Apr 24 @ 2:04pm

Stubborn as a mule

Keep on doing pointless action
Unlocked Apr 27 @ 8:17am

Doctor Watson

Use 10 hints only to finish the Game
Unlocked Apr 27 @ 8:17am

Sherlock Holmes

Finish the Game without using any hints
Unlocked Apr 27 @ 8:17am

Ground is lava

Defeat Her Spiderness without using earth powers