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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Mar 23 @ 3:35pm

Part I

Complete Part I
Unlocked Mar 24 @ 3:49pm

Part II

Complete Part II
Unlocked Mar 25 @ 1:00pm

Part III

Complete Part III
Unlocked Mar 25 @ 12:41pm


Choose to go and save Kurt
Unlocked Mar 25 @ 1:00pm


Unlock the revenge ending
Unlocked Mar 23 @ 12:23pm

Captain of the Sea

Avoid all the mines
Unlocked Mar 23 @ 2:34pm

Health Warning

Do business with Joe
Unlocked Mar 23 @ 11:36am

Childhood Friend

Explore Julia's Room
Unlocked Mar 23 @ 1:32pm

Top Floor Please

Use one of the lifts on Vimy Ridge
Unlocked Mar 23 @ 2:20pm

Pen Pal

Send two pictures to Julia
Unlocked Mar 24 @ 1:32pm

Dance Revolution

Perform all moves in the Dance sequence
Unlocked Mar 23 @ 11:26am

Out of ammo

Use all your photographic film in one chapter
Unlocked Mar 24 @ 3:23pm

Fresh air

Cut the gas in Passchendaele
Unlocked Mar 24 @ 3:49pm

So near and yet so far

Get out of the church of Passchendaele
Unlocked Mar 25 @ 10:39am


Give some chocolate to a german soldier
Unlocked Mar 25 @ 1:04pm

A Credit To You

See all the credits
Unlocked Mar 25 @ 12:16pm


Take all the apples back to Lucie
Unlocked Mar 24 @ 1:19pm

Lest we forget

Pull the cart of crosses in the cemetery
Unlocked Mar 24 @ 1:03pm


Score with the hidden football in Paris
Unlocked Mar 23 @ 3:30pm

My Saviour

Save Lothar
Unlocked Mar 24 @ 12:40pm

The Pied Piper

Catch a rat in the tunnels
Unlocked Mar 24 @ 12:37pm

Unforgettable Luncheon

Find the hidden food stash in the tunnels
Unlocked Mar 25 @ 10:17am

Ludicrous Display

Kick the football in the POW camp
Unlocked Mar 25 @ 10:32am

Burn It All

Bring all four wood pieces to the oven
Unlocked Mar 25 @ 12:32pm

Heart of Darkness

Listen to Barrett's tearful account of the lives lost under his command

Hide and Seek

Find all the collectibles from Part I


Find all the collectibles from Part II


Find all the collectibles from Part III


Find all the collectibles

Hello kitty!

Take a picture of Lotty in Vimy trenches

And Your Enemies Closer...

Take a picture of Kurt in "The Collapse"

Feline Therapy

As Lotty, comfort the soldier under the tree

Bridge Club

Win at card game against the old ladies in the village.


Win all card games

The Sorrow

Don't collide with any ghosts

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