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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Dec 1 @ 2:34pm


Rescue all the Splashers from a level in Standard mode
Unlocked Dec 1 @ 2:28pm

Just Add Water

Get Water
Unlocked Dec 3 @ 1:40pm

World Of Reddish Goo

Get Stickink
Unlocked Dec 7 @ 8:53am


You should have held that door!
Unlocked Dec 2 @ 2:26pm

Hard to master

I get knocked out, but I get up again!
Unlocked Dec 2 @ 2:06pm

I will always love you

A friend in need is a friend indeed
Unlocked Dec 1 @ 2:47pm

Oooops !

It's all going splendidly
Unlocked Dec 5 @ 12:22pm


Fries anyone?
Unlocked Dec 7 @ 8:21am

Splash Damage

A good Potatrooper is a drowned Potatrooper!
Unlocked Dec 6 @ 2:03pm

Laser Game

Lasers are my calling card
Unlocked Dec 7 @ 8:51am

Squadalaaa !

Off to a flying start
Unlocked Dec 6 @ 2:21pm


Mashed Potatroopers
Unlocked Dec 3 @ 1:30pm

Die Potatoes

A good Potatrooper is a dead Potatrooper!
Unlocked Dec 6 @ 2:17pm

Epic Fail

At least I'm not the only one


Complete the game in Standard mode

Freedom Fighter

Rescue all 154 Splashers in Standard mode
75 / 154

Mark Of The Ninja

Complete a level without dying

Bounce Baby Bounce

Get Bouncink


Give yourself to the Dark Side
15 / 20


You're never going to keep me down!


Complete all the quarantine areas
20 / 37

Yellow men can't jump

Big Bounce Theory: Complete the level without jumping

I'll be back



Two Splashers in the same place? Impossible.

New Challenger

Get your first Medal in Time Attack

Promising Challenger

Get your first Gold Medal in Time Attack

Selfish Runner

Complete a Selfish Speedrun

Old school Runner

Complete a Standard Speedrun

The Very Best Runner

Complete a Gotta Catch'em All Speedrun

Rookie Speedrunner

Get your first Medal in Speedrun

Promising Speedrunner

Get your first Gold Medal in Speedrun

Ninja Runner

Complete a Speedrun without dying a single time

Bronze Runner

Get all the Bronze Medals in the game
0 / 25

Silver Runner

Get all the Silver Medals in the game
0 / 25

Golden Runner

Get all the Gold Medals in the game
0 / 25


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