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Unlocked Dec 7 @ 12:04pm

Get on the Katmobile

Finished day one
Unlocked Dec 7 @ 10:57am


Made your best efforts to miss the funeral
Unlocked Dec 7 @ 10:58am

Enjoying the scenery

Lost track of time on the road
Unlocked Dec 7 @ 11:10am


Felt like literally taking the wheelchair for a spin
Unlocked Dec 7 @ 11:16am


Tortured an imprisoned bum
Unlocked Dec 7 @ 11:22am


Felt no apparent need to let Lenny down gently
Unlocked Dec 7 @ 11:25am

Mr. Bear, reporting for duty!

Reunited with a furry friend
Unlocked Dec 7 @ 11:25am


Rediscovered yourself as a creature of the night
Unlocked Dec 7 @ 10:57am


Barely resisted the urge to barbeque a bear
Unlocked Dec 7 @ 11:48am

Hooked on Corleys

Became a huge fan of those sweet, addictive, not to mention cancer-inducing sticks of tobacco

Wow, they're hypnotic...

Finished day two

We've met before, haven't we?

Finished day three

Down the rabbit hole

Finished day four

Been there, done that

Finished the game

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