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Item favorito da Oficina
Item favorito da Oficina
A foundry-themed map set in, well... a foundry near Pittsburgh.

Single stage map, with 3 points and some custom content.

This item is not authorized for posting on Steam outside of Team Fortress 2 workshop or website. Copyright Michał "AsG_A
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AsG_Alligator 7 de set às 3:23 
He did not.
AsG_Alligator 6 de jul às 11:19 
It has not been shared publically and it probably will not.
Super Phanto 6 de jul às 11:10 
Hey, I was just wondering if you shared the model for the Doomstick (super shotgun for Pyro) anywhere. If so, could you link me to it? I absolutely love that model by the way, you did a great job! I hope it get's in the game!
TRADEIT.GG 5 de fev às 13:38 
AsG_Alligator 5 de fev às 13:12 
Im not the quthor of Mossrock, message Freyja.