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A foundry-themed map set in, well... a foundry near Pittsburgh.

Single stage map, with 3 points and some custom content.

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Adding to talk about the game development offer
Adult Neptune Dec 24, 2020 @ 1:33am 
Merry nepmass There was the night before Nep-mas

And holiday decor was in full swing,

Histoire was in a rush to make Planeptune bling!

When along came Neptune, seeking pudding galore

Paladin-form equipped, the one we all adore!

She proposed golden ornaments of Paladin Neptune wearing a smile,

a “Happy Nepmass 2020” on the other side, wishing cheer all the while.

But wait, how about this? A switch atop like a crown?

Turn it on, lights and snowflakes dance all around!

With this, Neptune can show off her protagonist power!

Get one for every Gamindustri citizen, Planeptune couldn’t be prouder!
sappho <3 Nov 14, 2020 @ 11:38am 
added re:
AsG_Alligator Sep 21, 2020 @ 1:40pm 
Its only a game, why you have to be mad.
beemowo Sep 21, 2020 @ 1:29pm 
please end your life
Your Local Tomboy Simp Jul 12, 2020 @ 10:34am 
Understandable, Thanks!