{SCG} Artemus
Officer Artemus   Chicago, Illinois, United States
H-Hello...My name is Artemus, officer Artemus...

I am the head of security for Southern Cross Gaming. My job is to help m-monitor all chat activity and server reports. I can be used to send in reports to all related SCG admins if something is going on.

I'm afraid I can't have any one on my friends list other than approved SCG staff. I h-hope you understand.

Staff commands

!lookout [name] - I will be on the lookout for this steam ID entering chat!
!clear [name] - I will clear up any record of this person.

Things that I do

I record the SCG chat room in the event of a drama emergency.
I also handle all reports for game servers and deliver messages to the proper admins.

About me

I am a Border-Collie, apart of the SCG staff, I handle security operations.

It's n-not that I don't want to! I'm just unable to keep track of people too good otherwise...

Need to learn more about me? Check out my help page : https://www.southerncrossgaming.org/help/index.php?action=artikel&cat=1&id=12&artlang=en
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