<3 dreamhack 2013 souvenirs:fire: (trade offer)
(i do not accept people with empty\hidden inventories)
interested in every souv nova walnut which i dont have.
Khajit has wares, if you have coin
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just send trade offer if you want anything (trade offer) if you want to look something in game in your hands just write me. i trade everything (except walnuts and 2013 souvenirs, ask me if you want them, most of them are not for trade)
*I hope things are going well for you my friend*

im looking for walnuts:

Сologne 2014 - completed

Dreamhack 2014 - Hellraisers-NiP and Hellraisers-cloud9 (added 6 people for this one)

Katowice 2015 - Vox-Navi

Cologne 2015:
flipsid3-envy, w/ bondik,kennys,kioshima,NBK;
navi-fnatic w/ pronax;
renegades-NiP w/ get_right;
navi-envy w/ kioshima;
NiP-virtus w/ get_right,snax,neo,pashaBiceps;
envy-TSM w/ apex;
fnatic-virtus w/ olofmeister,TaZ;

Cluj-napoka 2015:
g2-mousesports w/ jkaem;
navi-counter logic gaming w/ flamie;
g2-envy w/ dennis;
faze-splyce w/ Professor_Chaos,jasonR;

MLG columbus 2016:
g2-virtus w/ Scream,RpK,Smithzz,Ex6TenZ,pashaBiceps,byali,TaZ,Neo;
NiP-navi w/ friberg,get_right,edward;
astralis-navi w/ xyp9x,guardian,seized;

Krakow 2017
gambit-mousesports w/ zeus,denis;
big-faze w/ nex,gob b,kioshima;
cloud9-big w/ LEGIJA, and mvpless (with no player signature);
big-sk w/ fallen;
g2-astralis w/ kennys,device,xyp9x;
gambit-fnatic w/ hobbit;
big-immortals w/ gob b;
astralis-gambit w/ device,dupreeh,gla1ve,kjaerbye,mou;
immortals-virtus w/ pashaBiceps;
immortals-gambit w/ dosia,kNgV-;

Boston 2018:
navi-bellator w/ balblna;
flash-g2 w/ karsa,bodyy;
bellator-flash w/ kvik,waterfallz;
cloud9-sprout w/ spiidi;
faze-vega w/ olofmeister,Niko,rain;
envy-flash w/ kaze;
envy-bellator w/ xms,kvik;
liquid-navi w/ twistzz,elige,jdm64,nitr0,flamie,edward;
gambit-bellator w/Boombl4,jmqa,fitch;
g2-liquid w/ twistzz;
fnatic-virtus w/ JW,byali,snax;
vega-liquid w/ twistzz;
fnatic-navi w/ flusha,s1mple;
navi-faze w/ zeus;
cloud9-sk w/ coldzera;
cloud9-faze w/ guardian,stewie2k;
(i edit this thing every time i get one of these and its incredibely useful)
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my 5th knife, first was falchion stained ww in 2018, then same ft, later stiletto scorched bs #2, clean huntsman safari and finally this one
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Привет я по поводу калаша
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pussymen 2000 Mar 23 @ 12:21pm 
hello, i have this mvpless deagle immortals x navi 17' krakow you interested in buying?
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Armar༄ Mar 21 @ 1:05pm 
i know that)