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Personal Achievements

Pressure Is Low…

Barely finished with pressure…

Gun Jammin'

Passed on primary weapon

My Precious

Collected all coins

King of the Sky

Defeated an airship

Clean as a whistle

Destroyed all enemies

Got Your Back

Helped out a friend

Die Hard

Never Died

Beginners' (Bad) Luck

First checkpoint not accessed

Geared up!

Got best buggy upgrade

Bad Pilot

Fell off a bridge ten times
0 / 10

Like A Boss

Got best rating in all levels

Click, Click, Boom

Defeated 1000 enemies
0 / 1,000


Defeated 4 enemies with one strike


Defeated 6 enemies with one strike


Destroyed 8 enemies with one strike

Easy, now…

Played 'Easy' Mode


Played the 'normal' way

The Hard Way

Played 'Absurd' Mode

Best Buds

Played game in co-op mode

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