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I'm a multi platform gamer who enjoys story and narrative above action, that's not to say that action and adventure is neglectable. I usually use my Nvidia Shield to stream my desktop from afar.

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Mass Effect is a game unlike any other it features tactical shooter elements with heavy RPG dialogue and elements. This game lays the groundwork for the grand mass effect franchise as we know it.

● Awesome Story - The story is awesome but most of all compelling, the story also changes mildly depending on your choices through the game but the overall canon story remains the same.

● Voice Acting - The voice acting is actually pretty good, you can clearly hear the raw emotions of the voice actors as they say their lines, whether it’s an angry, sad, happy, flirty or other voice line.

Choices - During your play you will be given a lot of choices that may or may not affect the game or any of its sequels, I’ll not spoil anything other than that most will definitely carry on to the two sequels of the original Mass Effect.

● Music - The Music that plays is exceptionally well done, I especially like the track called Vigil it’s so soothing and calm.

● Replay Value - You’re not done with just one play through, unless of course you are but for me I’ve played several other playthroughs just to see the results and how it affects the game, if anything at least do a Paragon AND Renegade play through.

On the Fence
● DLC (Worth it?) - There’s two DLC pieces for the original Mass Effect, Pinnacle Station that covers a training facility for spectres and Bring Down the Sky, while they are both free nowadays on Steam PC the latter used to be a hefty 5 euros however Bring Down the Sky was definitely worth paying for it offered a good story and a few hours of fun, additionally the choices in BDTS do carry on towards the sequels.

● Combat - The Combat is tactical and pretty hard even on low difficulty levels, you're not supposed to charge into the fray but keep a level head and approach things tactically, also different types of enemies require different approaches. It just however doesn't feel as smooth as Mass Effect 2.

● DLC (Installation of) - We’ve discussed the DLC at the On the Fence column but now I’d also like to talk about the actual installation of these DLC pieces, these days it’s little more than installing the game on steam, but it used to be quite a hassle with the CD keys and installation errors. However since this is no longer an issue, perhaps I should remove this from the cons list.

Story 9/10
Gameplay 7/10
Music 9/10
Graphics 7/10
Replay Value 9/10

Sure, Mass Effect 1 doesn't have the combat system Mass Effect 2 does...

But Mass Effect 1 takes the Mass Effect franchise back to its roots, with rich RPG aspects and choices, when you get a paragon or renegade choice in here, it actually matters.

Also the story before Mass Effect 2 is worth watching/playing, you get to make key decisions that will change the world of Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. (Previous choices and actions from Mass Effect 1 may change Mass Effect 3, while it was not obvious if they did in Mass Effect 2).

I do recommend buying and trying this fantastic RPG once more made by Bioware!

I’ve actually played Mass Effect 2 before Mass Effect and that made me come back just purely for the story and choices, yes Mass Effect 2 has a DLC that makes you able to adjust any changes but it’s a lot more fun to get the results by actually playing.

Edited on 14-05-2017, Reason: changing the review to live up to my new review standards.
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Groove Torped Jan 3, 2017 @ 2:41am 
Damn Argonar, you got one hell of a setup!