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Archimo's simple and easy to use guide to estimating prices of Unusual & Strange Unusual War Paints based off of observation and trading experiance, Always be sure to use some common trading sense when using this guide.

Keep in mind this guide is not a
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Selling the following items:
Time Warp Master's Yellow Belt: 1700 Keys Pure (1 of 2 Forever)
Strange Isotope Black Dahlia Pistol (FN): 1100 keys (1 of 1)
Pumpkin Moon Chill Chullo: 600 Keys
Strange Cool Sandstone Special Pistol(FN): 250 Keys (1 of 1) (on Steam Community Market)
Severed Serration A Hat to Kill For: 49 Keys
Isotope Sarsparilla Sprayed War Paint (FN): 45 Keys
Defragmenting Reality Winter Wrap Up: 38 Keys
Hot & Cool Backwoods Boomstick Shotgun: 40 Keys each (Both on Steam Community Market)
Hot Igloo War Paint (Field-Tested): 35 Keys (on Steam Community Market)

Trade Offers:
Only willing to sell stuff listed on backpack classified as for sale:

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TF2 Unboxing: Pumpkin Moon! Insane Profit! Most Expensive Unusual I've Unboxed!?
Video Showcase
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I'm Archimo the Unusual Weapons Guy
I am a tf2 youtuber and I like unusual strange weapons, I'm also quite of a collector.
I like these unusual effects the most: Smoking, Ancient Eldtitch, Eerie orb fire and hot(weapon)
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My Signature Pistol that also happens to be my favorite item in the game.
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Post Mortem 2 hours ago 
Adding you wondering about a Necromanced Commando Grade warpaint with Isotope, Min-Ware.
Trent Nov 28 @ 10:13am 
Helicopter helicopter
0hMyth Nov 23 @ 10:31pm 
It did not let me add you for a while, an impersonator added me trying to scam me. Just sent the friend request so we can talk on private chat and not flood your comment section.
Archimo Nov 23 @ 2:59pm 
@0hMyth I don't see any friend requests from you which item is it you're interested in?
0hMyth Nov 23 @ 12:06pm 
+rep added to discuss a trade about a specific item, may buy more later :3