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Hey there! :sgsmile:

Please read info below prior to interacting with me.
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I always have Touhou Giveaways group as my favourite group showcase on the profile, with over 7.8k games and 200+ level on Steam. Watch out who you're trading with, I'm not being responsible for you getting scammed by some moron that copied my profile. All fake scamming claims will result in being blocked, just so you can be sure to never get "scammed" by me ever again. I'm sick of idiots that are not only stupid enough to fall for the oldest impersonation scam, but even spam the wrong profile afterwards.

I'm the creator of ASF [] and the only public bot I own is ArchiBoT . I don't own any level-up bots, neither encourage using them. If somebody is using this profile in order to prove anything, he's trying to scam you.

Read before adding me

- I do not offer support regarding any of my projects through private/group chat or comments on my profile. You have appropriate threads and Steam groups for that purpose. All related suggestions, bug reports, questions and discussions considering my projects should happen in above places as well (and only there). Not respecting this rule will result in being removed and blocked permanently.

- If I don't know you, please state your reason for adding me as a friend on my comments wall and be precise. If you want to talk/ask about something, specify the topic. I'm getting too many friend invites from people not being capable to understand the point above, so if I have no idea who you are, you'll most likely get ignored with the rest, since you didn't even bother leaving a message like I kindly asked you to. If for some reason you don't feel comfortable with it, then remember that you can always remove your message afterwards - it doesn't have to stay on my wall forever.

- Likewise, if I've sent you a friend request, please consider accepting it. You can send me a message afterwards if you'd like to know the particular reason - I don't add people randomly.

- If you're interested in a trade or a donation, you can do so without adding me as a friend, by visiting my trade url . However, if we're trading often, and you'd like to have my person on your friends list, e.g. for STM purposes, or on your badge page as people with given cards, feel free to add me as well (and state it on my wall, as pointed out above).

- I'm active user of SteamTradeMatcher and you can match me using my quickmatch link []. My account is powered by ASF [] with active STM module, which means that usually you'll get your matched steam cards instantly, also when I show as "offline". These days most of my cards are owned by ArchiBoT , so keep an eye on it if you want to match even more dupes :sgsmile:.

- I'm keeping mainly finished card sets on my account. If you want a card that I own, ensure that it's at least neutral+ [] for me so ASF will automatically accept it on fair 1:1 basis. If it's not and you want that card really badly, offer 1:1 and add some extra Steam gems to cover my matching time (20 is enough). You're also free to suggest other (non-1:1) trades, as long as the value of your items is considerably higher than mine (as otherwise there is no reason for me to break finished sets).

- For casual talk you can join our weeb Touhou Giveaways chat, where you can find me quite often. Just remember about point one :sgsmile:.

Other places where you can find me

GitHub [] | Patreon [] | SteamGifts [] | Twitter
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This mod adds a civilization of Touhou fairies led by Cirno. Lead fairykind to rule Gensokyo and gain the respect they deserve!

Requires G+K or BNW to function.

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Spieler_02 14 hours ago 
8k :hype:
Smileaf.hy Jul 16 @ 11:41pm 
Thanks for ASF,
Adding you because I love you :rejuvenationrelic:
☣LegendarySpartan*☭ Jul 15 @ 5:20pm 
I appreciate your work for creating your tradebot. You created the best one I personally believe. The fastest of all. I would like to add you because of it and ask a few questions about archibot
Kaa Jul 14 @ 12:45pm 
Thanks for ASF :1scoreSD:
+rep nice men