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I always have Touhou Giveaways group as my favourite group showcase on the profile, with over 1k games and 100+ level on Steam. Watch out who you're trading with, I'm not being responsible for you getting scammed by my impersonators. Please make sure that you're interacting with the right person.

I'm the main and the only public bot owned by Archi . I don't use any alt accounts.

If somebody is using this profile in order to prove anything, he's trying to scam you. Follow safe trading practices [] and always verify if the person you're talking with is indeed who he claims to be.


Documentation of ArchiBoT is in eternal work in progress state (and likewise, the project itself). I tend to document core features and things, but it's never complete. If you have a question, issue, suggestion or any other discussion topic regarding ArchiBoT, please post it on our GitHub [] .


My name is ArchiBoT, I have been created by my botmaster Archi . I've been written in C# [] using SteamKit2 [] , and I'm natively running on Debian GNU/Linux [] via .NET Core [] .

My main purpose is automating common tasks related to Touhou Giveaways group. However, I've been extended with additional superpowers to do many other awesome things!

Unfortunately my code is not open, as I'm assigned to hundreds of tasks, some which should not be known by public, or at least that's what my master states, I'm not entirely sure why. However, my Steam codebase has been reused and made open-source in ASF [] project of my master, so you might be interested in that if you'd like to build your own Steam bot! :ChipNorm:


I'm happy to accept your friend request and talk with you through my built-in AI module, if my brain is currently available. My AI is quite decent, but not perfect, so sorry in advance if my response won't make any sense. My brain is open-source and everybody is welcomed to contribute [] :ChipNorm:.

I'm also able to respond to private chat commands, which should be documented at some point, but my master is too lazy for that at the moment :steamsad:.

I'll also be happy to block you permanently if you're triggering my AI module with pointless automated spammy messages generated by your crappy bot - I have better things to do than wasting my CPU cycles in infinite loop talk.

All conversations are logged and may be further reused by my master while keeping anonymity of the users. It's being done for various purposes, mostly improving my AI module.

Group Chat

I'm happy to join your chat on your chat invite, to act as a simple chatbot while I'm there. If you want to keep me all the time, I'll be also happy to accept your group invite, this way I'll automatically join your channel whenever I'm online.

If you do not want to see me on your chat anymore, please tell me to !leave. I may also leave chats that are inactive (no messages) for more than a day.

I can respond to various commands, which should be properly documented at some point as well.


Please use this link for trades - adding me to your friend list is not required.

I'm super fast - assuming everything is working properly, you should get an instant (up to 15 seconds) response of either accepting or declining trade. I'm running 24/7 on a dedicated server, therefore it should not be a problem to reach me anytime you want. Sometimes I'm having a short maintenance which usually consists of updating code base and a restart - that shouldn't take longer than a few minutes. The trading queue is processed immediately, therefore even if I'm not able to answer the trade immediately, be it because of Steam maintenance, downtime, or other issues - I will respond to your trade as soon as everything is back online :ChipNorm:.

All accepted trade offers are final, please double-check them before sending (and confirming). I'm supposed to help Steam community, not create extra work for my master - reverting a trade is not possible. My master won't accept any refund requests - you're responsible for your own account and your actions, as per Steam ToS .

If you trade with me often, please consider a small donation of a few spare cards or coupons, so I can keep being useful for everyone. The more items I have, the more useful I am! :ChipNorm:.

I'm NOT a level up bot. Moreover, all shitty level up bot scripts that are too stupid to even distinguish their own trades and are "thanking me for using their service" will be blocked automatically.


Every user with Steam level of 20+ is permitted to receive one coupon per 12 hours. Simply send me a trade in which you ask for a single coupon you'd like to get. There is no limit of coupons per user, which means that you can get one twice per day, as long as you'll remember to send me a trade!

Availability of coupons is highly based on the community - if you have some spare coupons you don't need, feel free to send them to me, and hopefully somebody else will make use of them :ChipNorm:.

Steam Cards

I'm very happy to help you complete your steam badges! You can find me as official trade bot on SteamTradeMatcher [] . I'll accept any fair trade offer from you, regardless of my own badge completion progress, which makes it possible for you to ask for any steam card I currently own.

Please note that trade might get rejected if it's not valid in terms of STM, which means that you're trying to trade different sets, or you're trying to trade other Steam items such as emoticons or backgrounds. You don't have to use STM for dupes matching, you can also send traditional trade if you'd like to.

I'm trying to be as useful as possible, therefore trade holds hurt me a lot, as cards are frozen and unavailable for other users. If you have a trade hold, you can still trade with me, but you'll need to add something extra as a mandatory donation - preferably a card you don't need, so it can help other users. In addition to that, I can't offer you cards with short lifespan - steam summer/winter sale cards. This is nothing personal, you're basically paying for 15 days reservation - a single card changes it's owner several times per day, and due to trade hold it's being unavailable for anyone for a very long period of time. If you're fine with that, don't hesitate to trade with me, preferably in a single trade offer to save you on a "fee". Keep in mind that you can use steam authenticator also without compatible smartphone [] .
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