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:iceeyou:Please state a reason why you are adding me in the comments.
:iceeyou:I GOT IMPERSONATORS | I have no discussion accounts or alts
:iceeyou:Scammers will be banished to the Shadow Realm | ⇩Trade info⇩
:iceeyou:Send me a trade offer for a fast trade response HERE
BP.TF Profile [backpack.tf] Steamrep [steamrep.com]
MARKETPLACE SHOP! [marketplace.tf]
Donations are welcome :)
Negotiation is always fine

Will be posting videos occasionally either about trading, gameplay, etc
Thank you so much for the donations :)) If you have donated then I will put your name on the list here: Donator Spreadsheet [docs.google.com]
If you have donated and your name is not on the list then PLEASE let me know!
Current PC
Alienware 17 R5
i7 8750h 6 core processor (-110mv undervolt)
GTX 1070 8gb
16gb DDR4
1440p 120hz Display
That's basically all the big ♥♥♥♥ stuff

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Got some good stuff at good prices. Hit me up!
If you got a juicy quicksale then I would love to know! I try to have keys on the side for 'em.
Generally I would need some overpay if you are trading in items. More or less depending on what you are trading for.
My stuff is always negotiable ;)

I am currently IMPERSONATED. If an impersonator adds you, block and report them.

I am level 69 with a PUBLIC inventory. I DO NOT HAVE alts or discussion accounts. Cross reference my steam ids to make sure you are talking to the right guy. I will not ask you for donations, ask to check your items, ask to check out a gambling website / competitive team website / item marketplace website. Stay alert for scams!
If you have been scammed I unfortunately can't help you. I advise you to report the user on backpack.tf/issues and steamrep.

Please don't ask for items.
I do NOT do refunds! I don't really broker either unfortunately.
I try to make every trade as fair and transparent as I possible so I don't like trade-backs after a long thought-out negotiation.

I'm usually always online or atleast checking steam on my phone. I often play on invisible mode too.

Please NO random friend requests! Leave a comment down below before you add me!

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Stereotypical trading dream goal ACHIEVED! Years in the making! Thank you T-Virus!
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fartballs6 Nov 13 @ 10:00pm 
+rep bro is chill asf and got the drippiest fits, W mans
76561199085799701 Nov 4 @ 11:49pm 
dude tf2 bet want to give you rank
Spooky Homo Erectus Oct 21 @ 7:27pm 
Added you to talk about my D@D brotherhood of arms with the community tag. You might not answer but I wanted to know if 800 is a good price for it.
JuicyJ Oct 15 @ 11:49pm 
adding you for my trade offer on ur modest pile of scrap
〉NineVolt ★ Oct 13 @ 3:30pm 
want to join a burning tc casual party to post on youtube
Snowlot Aug 13 @ 6:58pm 
ily man