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It's not about why, it's about why not.

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I take spare TF2 weapons for crafting if offered Trading closed until further notice
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Some things to know about me
:p2cube: If you don't know already, yes, I'm a Brony. [] Hate me? Don't care. :p2cube:

:p2turret: "Do you like portal?" Yes I do, if it's not apparent. :p2turret:

:p2cube: I don't like being called by any name other than "Vector" or "Vec". :p2cube:

:p2turret: I also don't like being trolled or mislead, so just be honest, ok? :p2turret:

:p2cube: In my opinion, I think spaghetti is the best dang food ever created. :p2cube:

:p2turret: If you change your name a lot, I may nickname you to keep track of who you are. :p2turret:

:p2cube: I prefer my steaks to be cooked the right way: well done. Any other way is inedible. :p2cube:

:p2turret: I met DasBoSchitt on GMod Tower before it closed and he was a big-armed Chris Redfield. :p2turret:

:p2cube: Until 5:06 PM on Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 2019, I had never had my account attempted to be scammed/hijacked. Details here. :p2cube:

:p2turret: I can't stop playing :gmod: DarkRP for whatever reason, it's just so interesting. :p2turret:

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Vector Jan 14 @ 3:46pm 
"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."

level94836 Jan 14 @ 3:45pm 
bruh sound effect #2
Vector Jan 14 @ 3:41pm 
b r o
level94836 Jan 14 @ 3:41pm 
you must be dumb
Vector Jan 14 @ 3:40pm 
clearly you haven't watched as many disney movies as me, at the end of the first movie mowgli finds a cyoot lil girl and in the second movie [yes there was a second one] he spends some time with his new family, you must be mistaking the aztec part for the king louie scene where they reside in some ancient ruins
level94836 Jan 14 @ 3:16pm 
hey hey wait a minute the jungle book people aren't indian they're aztechs wtf vector you bein insensitive to mexicans? maaan you're a trump supporter