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Hooray, you found my profile, congrats!
Here is a little info about me, since I dont like to spread information around, however, usually you can push information out of me in a group chat.

~If you are going to add me, please leave a reason in my Cool comment section first~
・If I already know you, you can add me directly if you want.
・Oh, also feel free to post any copy pasta or shitpost in my comment section, I really love memes.

:2016trophy:As you can see above, Im spanish. Bieeeen.
:2016trophy:Birthday: 20 of June.
:2016trophy:Im not going to tell you my age. Hmpf.
:2016trophy:Not telling you, but since there is only two you can take a guess or let your imagination fly~
just forget about it
:2016trophy:I prefer females, but... maybe a good cute boy...
:2016trophy:I'd like to draw and let my ideas come to life, or draw some cute boys, but my line art sucks...
:2016trophy:For some reason I really like the japanese culture.
:2016trophy:By the way, I'm learning japanese!
:2016trophy:I love soy for some reason, specially with rice!!!!
:2016trophy:I'm kinda lewd and I like double meanings, so you can expect some stuff from this.
:2016trophy:I can't shut up about Astolfo.

And I guess thats pretty much it.
Oh wait if you want to contact me:
:2016trophy: Battle.Net : Anreol#2151 ~I only have Overwatch, but I love it~
:2016trophy:Twitter: @ESAnreol ~Please read the Profile Description~
:2016trophy:Discord: Anreol#8231 ~Thats where I chat, since steam chat sucks~
:2016trophy:Nintendo Switch: Anreol ~Sorry but i dont accept randos, send me a msg about it!~

Last thing, I make maps for Source Engine, mostly TF2, so you can go and ask me, I take map comissions, I really need the money!
I can also draw stuff... but im pretty shitty... so... yeah...
I also wrote this as polite and... understandable... as possible, so dont expect me to be like this in chatrooms.


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GibusCat Oct 6 @ 4:36pm 
its me sans
Anreol Jun 1 @ 6:29am 
Yes but I'd rather have people who has Spanish as their native language, also the translating support right now its kinda short, so im not going to do big stuff.
aomgar May 31 @ 12:33pm 
Are you the one who trnslates the SCP SL game to spanish (if so is it possible for me to do voice acting in it?) I know spanish
Barkin Mar 16 @ 3:46pm 
I realized I have not added you yet for some reason so why not.
*funny trap meme*
dawii Feb 21 @ 1:23pm 
sorry for killing you on scp
Anreol Jan 19 @ 3:30pm