Adolf Bush Something   Michigan, United States
Hitler for Hire
MOOD: KILLING ZE JEWZ (Because it cool to show the mood)

Online - In my Discord or fucking around on Steam, and mostly HW.

In Game - In a game. If you text me however, it's a 50/50 of me replying asap or in a few minutes.

Away - At work or just not at my PC. I will reply when I'm back, please don't spam.

Busy - Watching Youtube or doing college HW (90% of the time)

Looking to Play - I'm lonely

Looking to Trade- I'm been hacked, Fuck.

Offline - Sleeping, college, or internet is dead.

Offline over three weeks - I'm dead
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Ich bin stolz ein Amerikanischer zu sein, und genauso stolz auf mein deutsches Erbe
(I am proud to be an American, and equally proud of my German heritage)

“Hydrogen is an odorless colorless gas which, given enough time, turns into people”
— Edward R. Harrison

Only 6000 Röntgen or 60 Sv/h for only 800 ruble, Sounds Good to ME!

First things first-

Hitler for Hire! Hello people of Steam, I'm AnotherGerman and welcome to my profile. I'm just a overweight guy who likes to play shitty games after coming home from learning to build nukes (Reactor Engineer not a Nuclear Atomic Engineer). If you can't already tell I'm a medic main and I would love to join a game if you need one. Plus, I did competitive for UGC back in the day as a medic main. I'm a huge German enthusiast, and a Germany history buff during the 20's to the 40's. This also includes me making Gmod art of WWII. And yes, I have no life. Here I mostly play TF2, F13, War Thunder, Garry Mod, Killing Floor, Hearts of Iron IV, and other shit. If you want to talk, play, or even screw around in Gmod, just send me an invite. I will try contact you as soon as possible. Till then, Auf Wiedersehen!

The founder of Jokeism

I will not accept any private profiles or levels under 10 that try to add me. Also, please leave a comment on my profile if you want to friend me.

I do trade but some of my items are NOT for sale, like a few of my strangers and my medic unusual.
The Hall of Friends

Maxz, The Polock
Jish, Smart Weeb
Nick, The man in the Hawaiian shirts
Mr. Beson, He's pissed!
Yuri, Guilty Pleasure
Bubbles, The Bubble
Taft Planet, He'll eat the crime away
Sega, damn it I couldn't reload it!
Brian, Tankman
Sargon, Wannabe
Sword, Pure Depression
Barium, The Element
Wheelie, Taunt Kill....
Thomas, TV Head
Maple, The Tree
Baby Whale, The Whale
Wootpie, The Youtuber
Swiss, Cheese
Muhai, Walking Art
Hitler, The Nazi
Oreo, The Cookie
Some no point facts!

Hobbies: Video Games (Fucking Duh), World War 1/2, Germany (again, Fucking Duh), Nazi History/ideology, Nuclear Science, Engineering, Food, and Space.

My top 4 favorite TF2 classes in order: #1 Medic, #2 Space Pyro, #3 Engi, #4 Black Box Soldier

My dream is a world without the Vite Saw.

On the weekends, I make homemade VX, call me if you want a gallon

Competitive TF2 Medic, being crazy Nazi doctor in Nazi Zombies, the owner of German Plumbing 'We're Number One in Number Two', Professor of Geogetry, border patrol officer in Arstotzka, greatest dictator in Tropico, liberator of Medici, and the world worst builder in Garrys Mod (Oh Shit We Got a Problem production) are some of my passions.

Favorite game genre is city builders and first-person shooters

My favorite color is BLUUUUUU!!!!! and Raspberry

I also sell Cherry Bleach, two for five!

Favorite hats Grimm Hatte, Blighted Beak, Combat Medic's Crusher Cap, and Prussian Pickelhaube

Favorite names I like to use sometimes are Uncle Fuck, Klaus, Suaqdword Harry Tits, AnotherFirstMate, Admiral Piet, etc.... So, don't worry, it’s still me. Dumb ass...:

My birthday is September 14, 1896

Best video ever! -> Just watch it till the end
Best Conversation Ever...
TheCooliest: so i go to my activity feed
AnotherGerman: oK
TheCooliest: MONSTER
TheCooliest: wow thanks a lot
TheCooliest: my first and only unusual that was tradeable for like 2 days was scammed
TheCooliest: all ur fault
AnotherGerman: What the fuck are you talking about?
TheCooliest: ur fault
AnotherGerman: How?
TheCooliest: idk it just was
AnotherGerman: Ok... with that logic, I also caused the video game crash of 1983.
TheCooliest: i knew it
AnotherGerman: -_-
-What the fuck, I have no idea?
Best Comment Ever...
Sherrif mudkip 2 hours ago
Are you rly a German or are you two German midgets in one big German suit?
Best Message...
Want to listen to some of the music I listen too... well here you go...... -Jeff Lynne -Starship -Metallica -The Coral -Huny Lewis and The News -Chop Suey -Billy Joe -Mick Gordon & Alex Pfeffer -EmperorLemon -Tropico 5 -When In Rome -Avenged Sevenfold
and much more!
You want more? Find, how about this...
The Sounds of Medics By ImainAhri

Hello, German, my old friend.
I've come to ask for heals again,
because a demo planting stickies
det when i wasn't looking.
And the splosion that happened behind me
burned my booty.
I hear the sound of medics.

In restless dreams I run alone
searching for a healthpack room.
Beneath a sign that claims free heals
I dash neath it filled with feels.
When my eyes are stamped
by the flash of a bright lamp.
It is a trap.
I hear the sound of medics.

And in the corner of my eye,
A lone medic reaches out,
I feel the power of a medibeam
stirring something deep inside me.
I am ubered, and I will not fall yet.
No, not quite yet.
I hear the sound of medics.

Corpses fall neath my gun.
German shouts, "Oh what fun!
Take my heals that I might save you.
Take my hand that I might help you."
and I latch onto his every word.

I hear...
the sound...
of medics...

And my enemies neath my gaze
fell to to their knees, bowed and prayed.
I get up and speak a warning
that they'd hear, be scared and flee.
My warning was: "Do not come across us
for we will end your lives,
not big surprise."
And I hear...
the sound...
of medics.
Want even more then eat shit. -AnotherGerman :germancross:

"He has a homophobic thing of bees" -AnotherGerman 2K16
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