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Spykitty358 May 28 @ 6:03pm 
like i said last time. its the 28th for me as i wrote this. Happy Birthday my dude
FINkauhu Standartenführer May 20 @ 9:59pm 
Yeh you can also send hells angels i guess? Support big red machine bro! SIEGHHHhhhh... x)
Anonymous53[DE]✠⊕ Apr 28 @ 2:58pm 
Wrong Person Bro :) Also u can Send Hells Angels U Know :D
FINkauhu Standartenführer Apr 28 @ 1:44pm 
Well.. you have 24hours, hamburg, germany.... sigh ;)
MAFIA will make HIT on you if i dont win in LOTTERY in 24hours..
FINkauhu Standartenführer Apr 28 @ 11:24am 
Goto HELL + delete me from FRINEDS if you dont KNOW ME IRL.
Im coming to GERMAN, HAMBURG this summer :) i BET YOURE GONNA DIE!!! If you FUCKFACE dont pay EVERYPENNY x100 as "compensation" BACK TO ME asshole MORON.
4LifeGamer✌ツ Apr 22 @ 5:33pm