Anneessens   Dilbeek, Brabant, Belgium
:csgocross: Offer me a trade :steamthumbsup::crate: I don't advertise any gamble project.:steamthumbsdown::demoticon:
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I'm Grimbergen|BE|, or Brian if you want.:demoticon: I've been playing games for some time already, i prefer playing things to have fun rather than winning, but i also apreciate when hard work pays off. I used to be a main trader some time ago, nowadays i don't bother too much about trading or profiting mainly. Besides all that and some extra details that are coming next, you really don't need to know too much about me.

I play most of the time Multiplayer/Coop, i also enjoy single player games with a good story.

If you're level is below 20, steam profile or inventory is private, I will ignore requests :csgoanarchist::spycon::csgoct:

I don't give free items/games/cards/etc so please don't beg or I'll have to block you. But feel free to take some coupons if i have them :csgoanarchist::spycon::csgoct:

Steam Offline Trade Offer Service :crate::
Send me a Trade Offer
I'm most likely not selling anything but feel free to offer.

Teamspeak address: www.googlescore.be Phassword: /
(Belguim Clan)

My contract with you
(Or the rules for short)

Please, respect these, follow these steps and i'm good with you.

1) Don't ask for items, games, money or anything, i give things to people who deserve it.

2) Don't send random trade requests, if you want to trade with me, ask what you want to sell/buy.

3) Don't try to Scam me, i know how things work amigo.

4) Don't flood my chat asking the same thing, if you want to know if i have a item, go check my backpack. I accept people to play with, but i don't have all games of the world and most of my games are not installed, no, i will not install it just to play with you. Also if i'm busy playing or doing something else, don't bother please.

5) If you want to buy something from me, just send me a trade offer, i sell everything if you have the coin.

5) Accept my NO and my YES, if i don't want to play with you, don't try to convince me to.

6) I'm not checking your Youtube channel.

7) I'm not giving you my social network.

8) I'm probably not giving you anything.
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Haraldr Legolasson Jan 28 @ 3:53pm 
×»Grimbergen«×|㋡ Jan 12 @ 8:31am 
thx mate xD
Watch Me Jan 12 @ 1:29am 
+rep. You can trust this guy :steamhappy:
Schwifty Apr 17, 2017 @ 3:30pm 
×»Grimbergen«×|㋡ Jan 17, 2016 @ 1:42pm 
Dan ben je dood ;)
Naughty Bunny Jan 17, 2016 @ 9:52am 
Wa dan eh KOM DAN