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:shelterfrog: Nobody cares that you play ESEA. STOP linking it. No one cares about your RWS. Not everything needs to be a epeen measuring contest. Get a grip. :shelterfrog:
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T0m_hung Oct 11 @ 7:05pm 
yeah ♥♥♥♥ you kEETOH, ur age checks out u 16 old ♥♥♥♥, grow some hair on ur balls
kEETOH Sep 27 @ 6:22pm 
No problem, and also, if you want to see my profile, its friends only, as i get a lot of♥♥♥♥♥♥for being 16 like you said :)
Ram Ranch Cowboy Sep 27 @ 6:09pm 
Sorry for overracting. Just a bit weird to get critism from a aimmap server. Kinda hard to judge players from only that. Although, I would be the first to admit that I do actually overpeek. Also I do agree about the ESEA thing. Sorry for taking it a bit too far. Just weird like I said. Cheers.
kEETOH Sep 27 @ 5:59pm 
Sorry if you took that the wrong way. Honestly. It was criticism.
kEETOH Sep 27 @ 5:59pm 
You actually did research because you thought i was mad?

I literally said you over peek to much as criticism. I'm not mad. You swing wide and take too many fights, which in turn makes your aim a little sucky. Jeez. And btw, I'm not currently banned on raidboss, nor do I play there. I was banned over an admin getting butthurt because he couldn't awp and he waited until i someone said they were gonna DDoS me and I responded with "do it, i doubt you even know how. I'll send you my IP."

also link my ESEA, i dont even buy it anymore. The community is toxic, league kid are elitiest, and B+ and A- players are the same game every time.
Ram Ranch Cowboy Sep 27 @ 12:58pm 
My lord. An actual 16 year old keyboard warrior. Must be on the spectrum. Some sunlight might help. https://raidboss.org/bans/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=STEAM_1:0:131688388&advType=steamid