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Hi! Welcome to my profile
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Welcome to my profile
Rules :

- No random adding please. Always leave a comment before adding me or else i will ignore your friend request.
- Please don't spam message to me or I will block you immediately.
- Please don't invite me to random groups.
- Don't beg for free items.
- Don't try to scam/shark me.
- I will block all scammers/private profile or backpack who wants to add me
- I also don't trade with scammers/level 0 account/private profile or backpack so fuck off.
- All the trade is final unless you send me wrong amount of pure then i will refund it

Buying Unusual quicksells

I usually buy Unusual Quicksells for around the bot price. [depends on the hat]

Trading :

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Important :

This is my only steam account! There are a few impersonator impersonating me.
- Steam level : 41
- Clean profile in steamrep/
- More than 700 hours on tf2
- I will never have a private profile/backpack

Q: Are you from China?
A: Yes, China(HK)
Q: What's your favourite effects in the game?
A: Top 3 :
3. Vivd plasma
2. Scorching Flames
1. Nebula
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IgnitedSolly 18 hours ago 
Added for pyro hat
Ankle Jack 22 hours ago 
Idk how much u could do
Squashington™ Feb 14 @ 4:21pm 
would you go any lower for the stahl? if so, what would be your lowest?
Ankle Jack Feb 14 @ 3:35pm 
No ty i got offered 65 already i just want some quick pure
[Y]☯️Items☯️[⇄] Feb 14 @ 3:28pm 
I could do 60 keys for that duped Scorching Flames Connoisseur's Cap
=) Feb 12 @ 1:28pm 
Added to trade