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I suck at life and am a friendless shitstain. I am a complete waste of space and can't do shit for myself that can help improve my life mainly because I'm such a fucking coward.
I very often have thoughts of killing myself but because I'm such a big wuss I can't bring myself to actually get to doing it so instead I waste my days and thought process thinking how I'm not going to amount to anything worth shit.

"Hey, why don't you get a job? A simple and small one at least?" I had one though that didn't seem to do anything and it's unlikely I'll get another because I'm one who makes fucktarded decisions.
"Why not go to college?" There's no subject that correlates with my interests. I don't even know where my interests really lie nor do I know if they're real. I play a lot of video games but that doesn't really mean I want to take up a career relating to that. Being awful at studying since elementary school doesn't help either if I just chose a random course to go with so there'd be no point in wasting a load of money on something I'd more than likely fail at.

So Annie, congratulations, this is now your life. You've fucked up in the past and now here's you paying for it and then some because you're such a dumb fuck of a human being. You don't get to be sorry either, let alone have a shot at happiness. You're going to live with the guilt, the shame, and the regret for the rest of your life and for your sake I do hope it's a short one. All you've got with you are your stupid, shitty little video games to keep you company because that sure as fuck is totally going to land you to a better life eventually, right?
You've got no one; no one to help you, no one to really support you, and those being nice to you are only pitying you. No one even really likes you anyway. Those around you just tolerate your presence since you never really have anything valuable to contribute.
You show up, they'll wish you didn't. You open your mouth, they'll wish it was kept shut. What in the living fuck could you possibly do to redeem yourself besides killing yourself? I'd suggest that to you but, you know, you're too fucking coward to do even that.

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Annie, what are you doing?
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A sequel to the first Nier which was a spin-off of the Drakengard series. I've never played any of the other releases before Automata, but from what I've heard, this game is a completely different story from the previous games, though it still makes huge references to them as it all takes place in the same universe. In other words, this is a standalone game in a way.

A lot of people say it's a mediocre port and it does seem that way performance-wise as things like music, enemies, and environment models load late sometimes. There was some drop in frame rate but I figured that that was my PC not being good enough for when the game gets chaotic.
The game's playable with a KB+M or just a keyboard even, but most of its gameplay was designed for a controller so it's much more preferable with that.
You can change the voice settings to JP or ENG. Both aren't bad, though the cutscenes are synced up to JP voices down to the tongue movements so it can be a tiny bit off-putting with ENG voices on during those. And of course, the English are more interpretations than translations. It's also hard to tell when the voices come on when anyone starts talking, even for the main story parts; sometimes people talk through just text, sometimes it comes with voices—it's random.

The actual gameplay here isn't all that great, even with the "Platinum Games" brand.
For the basic combat, you're just button mashing until you see the red glow on enemies' eyes, which is your queue to dodge, and then you repeat the process until every enemy's defeated. There are special combos you can do but they're about as useful as just simply pressing the attack button over and over mindlessly. It's not always like that in every fight of course, but that's the gist of most of the combat which can make fighting more a chore than something to enjoy. At the very least, this is a little more enjoyable against the bosses.
Sometimes, the gameplay turns into a 2D sidescrolling platformer and rarely a 2D top-down hack-and-slash for the sake of being unique probably. There are plenty of moments where a platform could easily be reached if the section was in 3D and didn't have invisible walls, but for the sake of looking cool it's in 2D and you'll have to take a longer route to reach said platforms.
There is very little regard to difficulty balancing in the game. The entire game isn't hard at all unless you're not used to bullet-hells as the game has some sections of those. When something IS hard, it's usually because you're just a little underleveled for it or they just made some very cheap rules just for the sake of being hard, the latter being all optional parts of the game. Easy and Normal mode are too easy, Hard mode is the closest you could get to making the game challenging yet balanced but only when you have the right upgrade set-ups, on Very Hard you're dead in a single hit. Going by what one of the NPC's say about the difficulty in the game, the lack of balance may be intentional.

While the game's open-world, there isn't a whole lot to explore and the only reasons to do so is for side quests and finding randomly placed treasure such as weapons and lore specific items. There are loads of seemingly open paths in the game that turn out to have invisible walls in the way, making the explorable geography a bit confusing.
The environment, sounds, music, and overall general atmosphere is beautiful. Music queues are taken into consideration when reaching certain parts of quests and side-quests as well as reaching a new area. The scenery is very often massive and beautiful to look at, though usually filled with nothing but empty space to run on where you don't even get the option to fast travel until you're halfway through your first playthrough.

The Drakengard series and Nier were never known for their gameplay, but rather for their grand stories, storytelling, and that supposed Yoko Taro touch, which gave Automata a very unique experience and a heavy amount of backstory & lore.
The initial plot of the game starts you off as the advertised android character for the game, 2B, with the goal to reclaim planet Earth for the humans currently on the moon from the alien-made machines. There are a vast amount of very unique side quests to the game, often throwing the ball out of left field when you least expect it so their side stories aren't cut and dry for the most part like a generic quest from a generic RPG. While no side-quests are required for the initial plot of the game, they do have a huge relation to the overall "humanity" theme the entire game is going for.

Going from beginning to the end of a playthrough doesn't actually take very long here for an open-world game. On the second playthrough, you use 2B's partner, 9S, and replay the game from his perspective as well as experiencing newly added backstories. While 2B's the advertised character for the game, you're actually using 9S for more than half of the game because of how much more story he has later and that he has more access to the rest of the world than 2B. You also can't switch characters until much later. After the second playthrough is done, you finally continue the story from the first and second playthrough, so in a way, you have to replay the game at least twice to truly beat it.

There are 26 endings to the game, endings A-Z, F-Z are joke-ish endings whilst A-E are the only real ones, with only one being the true ending to it all. This all implies that there are branching routes, but its main story is linear. Only at the very end do you get to choose one of the few real endings.

Doing almost everything in the game can take more than a few dozen hours. There's little to no replayability due to its linearity and the end-game bonus reward stuff like the cosmetic changes and newer weapons are put to very little use due to them needing you to be a higher level to acquire them and you'll be near the end of the game by that point.

Nier 1 and the Drakengard series supposedly always had mediocre gameplay with a high quality story to compensate for that, and it seems like this game stays true to that as well.
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