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Squishy May 25, 2020 @ 9:58pm 
+rep Dabbed at exit gate. ~(=^‥^)ノ◎~
Slashy Feb 27, 2020 @ 12:14am 
+Rep Played Michael for me <3 Can't give up the plus rep, you are the sweetest. Thank you so much. Also, very cool killer!
Depressed Boytoy Jan 29, 2020 @ 7:53pm 
Nice doc, called me cute and gave me the hatch.
Goopy Locker Friend Jan 9, 2020 @ 6:49am 
+rep Didn’t DC even tho all other teammates DCed (and no worries! Cute alvacados must protecc <3)
deroplat Oct 2, 2017 @ 7:21am 
+Rep #1 Thot slayer!
Dry Sep 3, 2017 @ 4:08pm