As long as you're nice to me I'll be nice to you too!
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Almost my entire inventory is tradeable, send me a message or trade offer on steam and i'll reply asap. MOST items will only be traded for oter items with equal or higher value.
I don't want any cases, get that shit out of my face.

Send me any item and I'll +rep you on both steam AND csgolounge.
Please include links to both profiles in the trading description, I'm NOT going to look for them.


Please follow these rules:
1. The items you offer must be of equal or higher value(so no lowballing).
2. I value items based on their value on the steam marketplace.
3. Stickers DO add value to the item.
4. Be nice. If you are rude I won't trade anything with you, no matter how good the trade is.
5. Check your prices BEFORE offering me anything.
6. Don't try to scam me, I'll make my entire discord server report you if you do.
7. Don't ask for free items.
8. Don't advertise some fake gambling site, I've never gambled and I never will.
9. I don't take offers that offer more than 4 items in return for 1 of mine.
ムBruTeム Jun 19 @ 7:14am 
mother rip ♥♥♥♥♥
No Sleep BOI Mar 31 @ 5:08am 
added for trade
☜❶☞-Dreamer☜❶☞ Mar 23 @ 2:03pm 
Check trade
Jackal Mar 17 @ 6:15am 
Man accept my offert
[jaJa]tyrex_arg Mar 14 @ 7:27am 
Amigo me cambiaría un awp
01 Mar 11 @ 4:07am 
please check the trade offer i've just sent you